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Dave Sievers

Charlemagne tha God: try this very Jewish Idea



This article is addressed to Charlemagne. No, not THAT Charlemagne – the French King who united Europe during the Early Middle Ages – but the contemporary one, Charlemagne tha God; the guy on the radio with a long list of grievances.

That Charlemagne had Rush Limbaugh on his show the other day and, well, sparks flew.

There is no greater representation of the White Patriarchy than Rush Limbaugh. And there is no greater representation of the young, urban, hip, fly and Man of the World than Charlemagne tha God.

It made for great radio. Here’s the link.

The best part of it was Charlemagne’s insistence that White Privilege is an ongoing problem. Rush, of course, insisted White Privilege isn’t a problem. They parted “agreeing to disagree.”

So, what to do?

Charlemagne, I’d like to pass along a bit of advice a Jewish friend gave me a long time ago about antisemitism. When I asked him about it, he just looked at me and said “We’re Jews. We don’t wait for people to love us.”

I was struck by that: He wasn’t going to waste a moment of his life waiting for random strangers to love him. Instead, he planned to spend all his time and energy on his family. It made me completely re-think the time I wasted worrying about my own haters. After that, I gave my haters nary a care.

The key thought here Charlemagne is what my grandmother always told me: take care of your own business. Like my Jewish friend also said, there’s only two things he’ll spend unlimited money on: health and education.

“Without health, you have nothing,” he explained, “and without education,” he continued, “you can’t pay for anything.”

So instead of spending your show wasting time airing grievances, empower your listeners instead: talk about education, encourage people save and spend wisely, to invest and grow.

And, most import of all, demand more from your leaders. In the fifty years since the war on poverty nothing seems to get better in the hood. As Einstein said, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is insanity.

So stop being insane. Vote for the folks who will give you better schools and better job opportunities. Trump has plans for this; he has and will, continue to deliver for ALL communities.

Pop quiz: how do you tell if your schools are great and your neighborhood is great? Answer: people want to move there and enroll their kids in the schools.

Now, after these riots have run their course and the police have demonstrated they can’t protect their citizens, do you really think people are going to want to move into these areas? Do you think people want to send their kids to school there? How about open a business there?

I don’t see it happening quickly. These riots are going to hurt a lot of helpless people.

This is a disaster on all levels. But you know how to fix this, and it starts with choosing leaders that will help you succeed, and not give your community another half century of lost generations. Can you stop voting for politicians who say they love you (but really don’t) and become a leader like the real Charlemagne was, or better yet, a Moses that will lead people out of captivity?