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About Citizen Media News

Citizen Media News (CMN) is a Grassroots Marketing, PR, and Media platform for Conservative and Citizen leaders, activists, and readers.

CNM has an in-house Conservative writer, photographer, PR, and News writer as well as an experienced social media and web designer.

We aim to help build a Citizen Journalist movement of highly active and educated voters by encouraging, educating, empowering, and equipping conservative-minded people around the world to get engaged in any one of the numerous platforms that work best for their needs.

Journalism, campaigning, radio, video, public speaking, and entertainment. Simply, attending local board meetings at all levels and promoting the unabridged and uncensored truths.

We strive to change the power of cultural Marxism and Leftist Community Organizing we have seen destroy human liberty around the world, with time-tested messaging, branding, and proven Public Relations techniques.

We strive to change the current status of Journalism by training citizen activists to grow in their activism with proven news writing techniques.

We strive to assist passionate activists in the video and radio realms. We will help activists in getting started with tools like media connections, technical assistance, and fundraising opportunities to fully reach their sphere of influence with their Conservative message through citizen media.

We strive to help organize local citizens at events of their choosing for Conservative public speakers and entertainers.

Citizen Media News will be very active for the 2020 election cycle. You will find us at events in Washington DC and the National Convention in 2020.

We are currently looking for partners who both have something to share, and who need our assistance.

Citizen Media News is not about Democrats or Republicans but has a definitive conservative flair.

We do UNEQUIVOCALLY support the agenda of President Donald J. Trump.

Citizen Media News is relentless about returning the power of the government back to the people in America and around the world. On our News page, we will cover focused topics of American and Canadian conservative movements. We may or may not endorse specific candidates, but we will support the actions of people and include politicians who support The People, and those who do not.

We are a group of citizens who are for the people, about the people, and building the people’s movements.

Please contact Citizen Media News to discuss working with us. No idea is too big or too small.

About the Chief

With over 30 years with the military and the federal government, Chief has developed a unique set of leadership skills that he brings to the public relations and marketing community that serves his clients well.

As the Editor-in-Chief and President of Citizen media News, Chief assists his clients in promoting their company or other endeavors using his expertise and network of influencers. He has worked with actors and public officials in marketing their different campaigns to successful outcomes. As an expert in earned media, Cheif and his Citizen Media News team bring their talents to assist in promoting their influencer and customers’ causes.

Chief’s dedication to serving and helping others led him to achieve several personal and professional goals:  completing a successful twenty-year career as a combat helicopter pilot, being named Fan of the Year to one of the major sports leagues, and being appointed as a school board member in his local community.

Chief has a master’s degree in Public Relations and an associate’s degree in Cinematography. Additionally, he has bachelor’s and associate’s degrees in Liberal Science.

Married in Guam 24 years ago to his lovely Canadian wife, Chief and his family have lived in a variety of countries and traveled to more than 60 countries throughout his military career. He is most proud of his three daughters, who are all attending prestigious universities.


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