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For New Growth First the Seed Must Break



For all those anxious, worried and even panicked about the current state of National Affairs, fear not: we are in the middle of a transition, from the old, failed Neo-liberal version of America to new, enlightened version of America under President Trump’s leadership.

Yes, there was police misconduct at the root of the riots, but something else, long-simmering, has been brewing to unleash such pent-up fury in the communities that are rioting.

Let’s take a look at the “other thing,” namely, the failed and misguided decades-long policies and programs implemented by people who had their own best interests at heart, not the people they served. Here are a few of those policies and practices:

  • Failed schools that serve the unions not parents and students, with union dues going the politicians.
  • Exporting jobs overseas results in contributions from countries to politicians who help transfer those jobs.
  • A criminal justice system that keeps the prison system fed and families broken, and so on.

These riots are the end days of where 50 years of liberal progressive “War on Poverty” policies have taken us: failed inner city schools, jobs, communities and most tragic, failed families.

You would think the same failed policies that led to the ’92 riots would have changed afterwards. But they haven’t: the folks in power have too much to lose. In fact, the majority of people in power back in ’92 are still in power today.

Maybe now people, especially in these communities, will examine politicians records and decide, finally, it’s time for a change.

These communities have endured horrific sufferings, inflicted on them by fat cat democratic politicians who got richer and richer as the communities they allegedly represent got poorer and poorer.

It’s truly amazing how little we’ve seen of these politicians at the riots: they have no sway over the people they represent anymore, nor do the people have any love or respect for them either.

Billions were spent on the inner cities for schools, roads, and “community empowerment” just where did all that money all go?

The people in the community aren’t dumb: they know what’s up.

Of course, for liberal progressives – urban, suburban and  the media elites – their handy go-to boogey man for all of this is Trump, a president who has only been in office for three years,  as compared to their decades of “leadership” and failed policies.

Or, to spell it out plainly to these urban, suburban and liberal progressives: YOUR POLICIES SUCK, THEY DON’T WORK, AND THEY LEAD TO CARNAGE AND DEATH. Turn on the T.V. Do you get it now?

So, you might ask, what is President Trump’s solution?

Well, I’m glad you asked. President Trump is doing something fantastic for these communities in crisis, but you will never hear about it from the mainstream media:

First off, there is criminal justice reform. Trump took the lead on this. Second, he put in Opportunity Zones, and finally, he took on the Educational Establishment, and is working on helping the kids in these communities succeed.

And there is more to come.

Hopefully, we will never again see days like this in America. The first step is acknowledging the problem, and the problem is liberal progressives policies have failed, and will continue fail.

Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

That makes sense.

So, in that spirit, do you really want to get over your “white guilt” and help the inner cities? Do you live in an inner city and want to help yourself?

THEN STOP VOTING FOR THE LIBERAL DEMOCRATS WHO HAVE FAILED YOU. Vote not for Trump, but for Trump AND the policy changes he’s bringing (see above.) Otherwise, see you again at the riots.