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Economic Opportunity Zones: The Trump Administration Takes On Poverty



Have you heard of Economic Opportunity Zones? This Trump Administration project is much bigger – and better – than President Johnson’s ill-fated War on Poverty.

Economic Opportunity Zones receive very little coverage in the Main Stream Media (that’s why Citizen Media News is here for you) but they are very quietly, and very effectively, bettering the lives of people in economically distressed areas.


Sen. Tim Scott

President Ronald Reagan once said “The best social program is a job.” In that spirit, the Trump Administration rolled out Economic Opportunity Zones as part of the federal 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

The bipartisan brainchild of Senators Tim Scott, Cory Booker, U.S Representative Ron Kind, and supported by Sean Parker’s Economic Innovation Group, Economic


Sen. Cory Booker

Opportunity Zones are designed to create long-term private sector investment in low-income communities.

The project is funded largely by deferring Capital Gains taxes in qualified Economic Opportunity Zone investments.





The plan seems to be working: to date, more than 8,700 opportunity zones have been designated throughout the U.S. and U.S. Territories.

>>> CMN LINK – CLICK HERE: Stats America Map

Unlike government programs that end when the funding dries up, Opportunity Zones are designed to be a permanent fix to long-term economic neglect, by both parties, to the needs of areas that have been left behind economically.

Creating economic opportunities in depressed areas gives people a chance to stay in the neighborhoods where they were born and that they love.

It’s a win-win for everyone, and just another way that the Trump administration is providing long-term sustainable solutions that don’t rely on government debt or foster more government dependency.


Rep. Ron Kind

Empowering local governments to help people directly is the way government programs should work (it’s the best way to keep an eye out for waste and fraud,) and under the leadership of President Trump, it’s finally starting to happen.

More information about Opportunity Zones, and if an investment might be right for you, can be found here:

>>>CMN LINK – CLICK HERE: US Economic Development Authority

>>>CMN LINK – CLICK HERE: Stats America Opportunity

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