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Economic Opportunity Zones: The Trump Administration Takes on Education



The surest path out of poverty for poor people – both rural and urban –  is a good education. The Department of Education has a report on this, Department of Education Report.

But how can you get a good education when the schools in your neighborhood are mismanaged and overcrowded? To read the Brookings Institute findings, click here.

The problem is not money – public schools have plenty of that – the problem is how the money is spent.

Parents have little say over how to improve schools because the schools are, literally, “owned” by an unholy alliance between unions and one political party (click here.)

Here’s the real problem: schools have little to no incentive to improve, not when they have the political establishment in their pockets, parents and students, through a lack of school choice, are shut out of decisions about their own educational needs. Now do you see why public schools have been failing us for decades?

Betsy DeVos Secretary of Education

Betsy DeVos Secretary of Education

But fear not: President Trump is on the case.

In October of 2019, the Department of Education announced a new initiative to promote the creation and expansion of high-quality public charter schools in Opportunity Zones across the United States. If you haven’t heard about Opportunity Zones and the tremendous changes they are making for poor communities across the nation, you can read the CitizenMediaNews report about Opportunity Zones here.

Through Betsy DeVos at the Department of Education, Economic Opportunity Zones are set to bring great educational opportunities to blighted areas.

A press release dated October 19, 2019 stated “Currently, more than 70% of Opportunity Zones do not have a public charter school option available to students. One-fifth of Opportunity Zone residents lack a high school diploma. By creating and expanding high-quality public charter schools in Opportunity Zones, more families living in economically distressed communities will have access to additional education options that might better meet their child’s needs.” Read the full Department of Education Press release here.

There. This is EXACTLY what parents have been demanding, our poor communities need, and something the political elites refuse to give the people because they are raking in too much money from the unions.

These forms of vile establishment corruption that hurt our kids and most vulnerable are something CitizenMediaNews has and will always fight against. Read about Establishment Corruption here.

When your liberal friends or the Main Stream Media try to make the case that “Trump doesn’t like the poor,” show them this article. In order for change to happen we have to fight leftist, political and teachers’ union disinformation and propaganda, and get the good word out, and the word is good: help, compliments of the Trump Administration, is on the way!