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Under New Management



A horrific instance of police brutality in Minneapolis. Another incident in Atlanta. Riots. Looting. Burning. Innocent people killed. Virtually all of this mayhem in Democrat controlled and run cities.

These problem cities have been under Democrat control for decades. (Yet some still have the gall to blame Trump.) The suffering, lost hope and lost opportunities has been going on for decades. Generations, if you will.

There is only one solution that will turn around these horrible, and now unlivable, conditions in these Democrat cities. It’s an old solution, but time-honored and traditional American Solution.

You’ve seen it many, many times before in places, and especially, businesses that were failing. The signal that change was coming, something broken was going to be fixed. It starts with a sign:

“Under New Management”

It’s as simple as that. A political party not only represents ideas, it also represents management ability.

If a business is failing, you need to bring in a new management team. Cities need to do that too.

If you stop delivering for your citizens with good schools, good jobs and safe neighborhoods, then your city begins to fail. And if you don’t do anything to stop the failure, you get ugly scenes where opportunists come in and conduct a hostile takeover.

A hostile takeover is exactly what happened in Portland, and has now spread to Chicago: armed thugs showed up and declared entire city blocks “theirs.” The people, property, everything. “Theirs.”

They even kicked the police force out (!) With impunity.

The thugs that have come in and taken over blocks of those cities are not there to make the city better, they are there because the city’s management has utterly failed and now there’s a power vacuum.

Like the Vikings of old, they raided the town and took it at will because the leadership was unable or unwilling to stop them.

Do you really think these cities are going to get better when they throw out the rule of law and replace it with a warlord? Have we existed for over 200 years as a nation for this to happen?

There is only one solution left, and the time to use that solution is RIGHT NOW. Come November, the citizens have to be willing to vote for leaders that will give them better jobs, better schools and safer neighborhoods.

Basically, “Not Failure.” That’s what you need to vote for right now. The citizens must stand up and do this immediately, as the barbarians are, literally, at the gate.  Failure might have been tolerable for the past few decades, but no more. Time’s up.

It’s either fix it now or it will be life under a warlord. And the warlord ideology is spreading fast, as there is more than enough failure for the warlords and hostile takeover crowd to feast on.