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Amfest 2023

DISCUSSIONS OF TRUTH: Az Corp. Commission Candidate Rachel Walden Espionage & Energy Policies



Phoenix, Az – AMFEST 2023 –

In a recent installment of “Discussions of Truth,” host Ian Trotter engaged in a probing conversation with Republican candidate Rachel Walden, who is vying for a seat on the Arizona Corporation Commission. The interview, held during Turning Point’s AMFest 2023 in Phoenix, covered diverse topics ranging from the Commission’s role to energy policies and espionage concerns in the state.

Rachel Walden underscored the importance of the Corporation Commission, a crucial elected body overseeing Arizona’s public utility board. Despite its pivotal role, Walden acknowledged the Commission often operates under the radar due to the overshadowing allure of more high-profile political positions.

The discussion then pivoted to renewable energy policies, with Walden expressing reservations about government-mandated percentages of renewable energy. Citing a costly 2008 mandate, she advocated for a balanced approach in the state’s energy portfolio. Concerns were raised about the challenges posed by solar and wind energy, emphasizing their unreliability and the necessity of natural gas as a backup.

Walden cautioned against government intervention, highlighting potential negative impacts on utility companies and consumers.

A noteworthy interview segment addressed global wealth transfers during the 2020 lockdowns and espionage threats posed by Chinese spies in Arizona. With numerous defense contractors in the state, Walden stressed the importance of vigilance against potential infiltration.

The conversation delved into the potential of hydrogen as an energy source, with a particular focus on its complexities, especially regarding water resource management. Trotter also brought attention to the challenges faced by ranchers on the Arizona-Mexico border, emphasizing broader concerns about border security and its impact on local communities.

In the latter part of the interview, Trotter and Walden explored the deep state concept. Walden shared her views on how special interests, particularly in green energy, might drive hidden agendas that could be at odds with the public’s best interests.

The interview concluded with Walden providing details about her campaign and encouraging support through her website, electrachelwalden.com.


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