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Border Patrol Encounters Unprecedented Influx of Immigrants in Lukeville, Arizona



In a surprising turn of events, the Border Patrol in Lukeville, Arizona, faced an unexpected surge in illegal immigration as a diverse group of individuals, including those from Africa, Pakistan, Ecuador, and more, attempted to enter the United States. The situation unfolded during an exclusive coverage by “Citizen Media News,” hosted by Roger Farina and “Discussions of Truth” hosted by Ian Trottier.

Farina reported live from the scene, capturing the arrival of individuals from Senegal and Guinea in Africa who speak French and individuals from Pakistan and Ecuador, among other countries. The immigrants, including families and single individuals, were detained at the closed point of entry, Lukeville, creating a complex and tense situation for Border Patrol agents.

According to Farina’s interviews with Border Patrol agents on the ground, the influx was attributed to conflicts between cartels, prompting the closure of the location. The Border Patrol emphasized the seriousness of the situation, with potential violent activities reported in Nogales, Arizona.

The show also highlighted a unique moment when Farina attempted to engage with the immigrants, showcasing their arduous journeys from Africa to the Americas. The individuals shared their travel routes, including flights, walks, and bus rides, revealing their challenges and determination to seek a new life.

As the Border Patrol processed the immigrants, some were allowed entry, raising concerns about the enforcement of immigration policies. Farina and Trottier expressed reservations about the illegal entry, emphasizing the importance of a proper and legal immigration process.

The live coverage also captured the immigrants’ diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds, with Farina using Google Translate to communicate with individuals who spoke languages other than English.

The situation escalated as the show unfolded into the night, witnessing the processing of over 100 individuals, raising questions about the capacity of Border Patrol facilities and the efficacy of immigration enforcement.

About this video: It is slow moving in the beginning but we are capturing as the immigrants entered into the point of entry over the course of about two hours on the night of December 18, 2023. Notice in the start of the video there are a few people but by the end there is a full bus-load. Understand that the border crossing was supposedly closed due to cartel activity in the area, but as you can see it is not. The video progresses from the Lukeville, Az border crossing to riding along the border fence in Sasabe, Az. It ends with the departure video racing along the fence to return to the hardstand road.