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Election 2020

The Long Overdue Republican Party Split



A screaming red headline on the Drudge Report yesterday proclaimed: “NYT Bush, Romney will not support Bush Reelection.”  The article is sourced from the New York Times, so take it with a grain of salt, but if true, then the divorce is finally happening.

And it’s about time. Bush has never once publicly come out against the – alleged – Obama directed Deep State Coup. President Trump has pointed that out as well.

Bush’s silence is consent. There’s no other way to say it. Sorry not sorry.

Bush, and the people he represents, have been sitting on their hands, seeing if Trump was a fad, or if he would implode, or if Obama’s Deep State would finally take him out. None of those things happened. There is a real concern in Bush World that Trump and his voters could be around for a while.

The Bushes of the world believe the levers of government belong to them and their kind –  not the rabble that Trump represents. The disdain for Trump’s voters is clear, and the debates with Jeb in 2016 crystallized that as Jeb didn’t seem to take the issues Trump voters cared about – globalization, for example – very seriously.

What Trump has exposed in three short years is that there are four camps fighting for control of the soul of the United States Government:

  • The Globalist Establishment. These are Bush, Romney and other Globalist types. More closely aligned with traditional liberal democrats than Trump voters, they lost a great deal of their strength when the Trump voters left en-masse in 2016.
  • Socialist and Communist Liberals. This is Obama, the socialist Left, and the communist Left. These are the new, radicalized democratic voters. They want socialism but they won’t stop there. They want to keep going and create some sort of permanent socialist Utopia – and they need power to do it. They don’t care how they get that power, as long as they get it, because they feel their cause is just. (And they have a black-shirted riot squad to nudge the reluctant voters along.) Of course, the rulers of this faction don’t want to live in the socialist Utopia THEY want to create, they just want YOU to live in it. They’ll rule from their gated mansions, thank you very much.
  • Environmentalist European Socialists. These are the Bernie Sanders/green voters. They want high taxes, free higher education, socialized medicine, a ban on fossil fuels. Not as militant as the Obama camp, but they share the same worldview.
  • And finally, the new kid on the block: Populist Republicans – Trump and the working class. These are the people who just want to play fair, live by the rules, give their kids a better life and retire in peace. Largely ignored by the Globalist Establishment, they found a champion in Trump, moved to his camp, and never left. It was a devastating blow to the Globalist Establishment Republicans, who had these voters under lock for years with no alternatives (the same way Democrats had urban voters under lock.)

So now with Trump’s re-election looking extremely probable – the Obama wing overplayed their hand with the riots – the three factions above that are currently out of power are exploring possible alliances.

The split could come soon after Trump is reelected. Here’s the scenario: after Trump is re-elected,  a new political party is announced consisting of Globalist Establishment types led by Romney and the hidden hand of Bush. They also enlist disaffected democrats who are uncomfortable with the socialist/communist Obama agenda. There are a lot of those.

Finally, and this is the plan, this new party peels off enough senators to hamper Trump and deny him a majority of votes in the Senate. The media cheers.

This new party will most likely not be called “Globalist Establishment Former Republican and Democrat types” but my name for it will be “Trump Takedown Attempt X”  (x being a variable; I don’t know what number we’ll be up to by then.)

But so be it. Game on. Stay tuned. More on this next time.