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Democrats 2.0

A New Democratic Party? Version 1.0 vs. 2.0



Before I talk about the Democratic party, versions 1.0 and 2.0, and the Establishment Profiteers as we discussed last week (these are the folks in government who don’t care about the people they represent, only their personal profit. Joe Biden, I’m talking about you.) It’s first important to note the first thing President Trump did after the election was to kick Mark Esper out as Secretary of Defense, and no wonder: Esper’s job was to safeguard our nation.

Esper took an oath to protect the country from all enemies “foreign and domestic.” His failure to stop an organized and coordinated ring of election thieves, people alleged to have shown up at 4:30 in the morning after election day in critical swings states with carloads of “found” ballots, plus the Dominion election software questions, is not protecting our country.

Trying to steal an election qualifies as a seditious act at a minimum, and if sponsored by a foreign country, an act of war, wouldn’t you think? Every Trump voter, after seeing how Trump has been treated in office these past four years, saw this coming except for Mark Esper. Good riddance to him; he’s another Mr. Magoo who can’t seem to figure out a damn thing. He can wear Trump’s footprint on his backside in infamy.

The sad part is Esper has a lot of company: the number of incompetent Republicans who passed through the Trump administration is as staggering as it is disappointing.

I used to respect so many of these Republicans, until Trump revealed them as fools.

John Bolton is a good example: his taking a wrecking ball to the North Korea peace negotiations set the United States back years and did untold damage. Nice work John! Some days you think Nancy Pelosi is more helpful than these guys. At least she doesn’t tackle us on our own goal line. All right, enough with these clowns. Today I want to talk about the coming democratic – and republican – split. I’ll get to the Republicans in a minute.

Right now the democrats have a radical left problem on their hands. Hard core communists and socialists, radical environmentalists, and motley collection of people who like joining groups like Antifa and burning stuff down because it’s “fun”, all these folks call themselves democrats. And  – surprise! – these next-generation 2.0 democrats scared the hell out of mainstream democratic voters.

I know this because the “blue wave” never happened. The voters were smart enough not to let these radicals anywhere near the levers of power.

Republicans gained seats in the house, they will most likely keep the Senate, and the president is a jump ball right now. So where did the mainstream 1.0 democrat go? They either voted all red, or voted red down ballot. A lot of democrats – and Republicans – noticed this.

The discomfort mainstream Democrats have the radical left leaves the door open for a shift to a new democratic party: what if the mainstream 1.0 democrats and the Never Trumpers joined up and formed a party?

There would seem to be a lot of agreement between them. These New Democrats would be the cultural elite, white collar crowd and the Trump Republicans would be the working man – and women’s – party as Jim Jordan has outlined (more on this next week, and I apologize in advance for the Fox News link. They disgust me too.)

The idea of a Republican-Democratic realignment looks good on paper – but can it happen? Perhaps after the radical left starts eating democratic center the center will wake up to the threat and join forces with left-leaning Republicans – or will they? Or perhaps the radical left has shown the democrats some new tricks, and these tricks will be too tempting to pass up?

More on this next week, and how the Establishment Profiteers would fight this and prevent a New Democratic Party alliance. We’ll also talk about what Republicans should be doing no matter what happens in the next four years. There’s a lot we MUST do, and CAN do. Trump is not the end; the change Trump has started has only begun. Be prepared to dig in for a long fight.

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