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Corrupt Political Leadership

The Evil Reason for Defunding the Police



You’ve read about defunding the police. All the major democratic cities want to do this because “defunding the police will improve social justice.”

Yeah right.

Here’s the real reason the leaders in these democrat cities want to defund the police and it has nothing to do with social justice: it’s all about keeping the boot on the throat of those who live in democrat-run cities, and thus keeping them under control. Their control. It’s a bad idea.

Here’s how it works:

The democrat leaders in the cities that want to defund the police know that people born in these communities are reluctant to leave them. That makes sense: who leave where they were born and raised unless they absolutely have to?

The people in these cities put up with poor schools and poor job opportunities because they truly love their neighborhoods: their family, friends, the people they grew up with. And besides, everyone else is in the same boat.

The people in these communities have, over decades, been conditioned to accept less.

Even if the people in these cities wanted to leave, the cost would be prohibitive, and then, the other question is, where would they go? There truly is no place like home.

And the democratic leaders take advantage of this. Even when the economic situation of the community keeps deteriorating due incompetent leadership (to put it kindly,) the hold the democrats have over these communities is complete – their political machines eliminated all political competition and choice a long time ago. (And not without the help of a corrupt media and their liberal enablers. More on this later.)

So, President Trump, along with Senator Tim Scott and few others, had the brilliant idea of bringing  opportunity into the cities. President Trump called them Opportunity Zones.

And that’s what they are: by giving private businesses certain tax breaks, private companies would launch businesses in these Opportunity Zones, giving jobs and opportunity to the people who live in these neighborhoods. You can read about them here.

By using private money this would make the improvements permanent, unlike a government program that stops when the funding stops. This long-term solution lives up to it’s name: it’s truly empowering for the people who live there.

This is a brilliant, inspired, “makes you wonder why other presidents haven’t done this before,” idea.

There’s one problem: the politicians who control these communities don’t want their residents empowered, inspired or liberated. At all. They feel they own the residents there. And they will show the residents – and the world – who’s boss.

And these evil democratic mayors did just that.

When the rioting started, rather than stop it immediately, the mayors of these democratic cities stood by as mobs burned and looted businesses, and went on rampage after rampage. Beating, robbing, shooting and even killing other Americans. At will.

These American cities looked like they were in a third world country, not the richest and most prosperous country on earth.

And our president, who wants nothing more than to help these residents, had to stand by as the mayors, one after the other, said “no” to the National Guard and law and order.

Why are the mayors doing this? What sane person would allow this to happen?

Here’s the real reason:  President Trump’s Opportunity Zones are starting to work and are showing real results.

Things were turning a corner: jobs were coming back, new construction was coming back, and most important, hope was coming back.

But now, with all the riots and chaos, now who wants to put a factory or a store in these cities? Who would want to work there? Send their kid to school there? How will you recruit top talent to work in a burned out, rioting mess of a city? Who would want a city like this?

The democratic mayors, that’s who. They know that once people become independent and empowered they’ll demand more economic, political and school choice – and a new leadership that can and will  deliver these changes for them, just like every other community in America demands from their own leaders.

These democratic mayors have no idea how to provide opportunity and choice: all they know how to do is control, by any means necessary, not build and improve.

These democratic mayors have had DECADES to turn their cities around, but they haven’t – and they won’t.

But won’t these democratic cities rebuild? Won’t that help?

The democratic mayors have no intention of ever doing so: Defunding the police their way of making sure no investor will ever spend another dollar building ANYTHING to give hope in their cities ever again. To do so puts their power at risk.

Defunding the police is the only way to stop the positive changes these communities desperately need. This is evil, pure and simple, and it has to stop.

As President Trump said of his opposition party: “If democrats are willing to cause such destruction in the pursuit of power, just imagine what they’ll do if they obtain it.”

That’s a very scary thought. It’s way past time for change; we are literally at a “live or die” moment in country.

Fight for change. Fight for political choice in these democratically run cities. Otherwise, the lost decades will continue.