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Dave Sievers

TECH REVIEW: The Trump 2020 Campaign App



Back in the ‘day – say, the year 2000 or so – the only way to participate in a presidential campaign was to watch it on T.V, visit a website, make a contribution, or catch a glimpse of the candidate’s motorcade as it sped through your city on its way to a fundraising event*.

The “retro” way to campaign.

*Unless you lived in Iowa or New Hampshire, then the candidates might actually move in with you, or watch you eat breakfast at your favorite diner.

It took President Trump to re-invent campaigning for the 21st century with his massive rallies that drew tens of thousands to stadiums across the country.

These rallies became massive cultural and popular hits. You wouldn’t know that from watching the mainstream news (that’s why Citizen Media News is here for you). People enjoyed coming out to show their pride in America and, in particular, this president. They celebrated with other like-minded people the mainstream media continues to insist don’t exist.

Well, Trump, the magician, has done it again.

Even though the rallies have ceased due to the “foreign” epidemic, don’t want to get censored by our Big Tech Masters here so I’ll use my words carefully here, that hasn’t stopped Donald Trump from turning campaigning on its head once again.

This May, the Trump campaign released a cell phone application, an “app,” to help voters become active participants of the Trump re-election campaign.

This app is unlike any political app that has been seen before.

Not only can you get the news the media won’t print, but you can watch dozens of events and programs such as the War Room Weekly, Women for Trump, Black Voices for Trump, Team Trump Online, and many others.

You can also connect with your friends and make new friends by signing up for online meetups.

You can also share the app on your social media, and if you don’t know how to use social media, don’t worry! The Trump campaign app even offers training on how to use social media – this is great for some of us who are still figuring out e-mail!

There is also Trump merchandise, and you can make a contribution as well. Overall, it’s a great app and unlike any campaign app that has come before.

Although not as much fun as a rally, the app is as close as you can get.

This reviewer recommends this app, and you and download the Trump 2020 campaign app at the Trump Campaign website or the google play or apple app store. The links are below.

The Google Play store shows 100,000 downloads
Requires Android 6.0 and up.

The Apple store shows the Trump 2020 app is #9 in the news.
Requires iOS 12.0 or later. Available in the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

Download the official Donald Trump for President mobile app to get involved and share it with your friends! Together, let’s Keep America Great!

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