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Trump’s Antagonists and the Rebirth of America



Who is against Trump? China, Iran, the majority of Democrats, The Media and the Never Trumpers.

It’s important to analyze why these groups are against Trump, and the first step in this process is to look at the motivations behind each group.

The motivations for Trump hatred can be broken down into five categories: power, ideology, money, a sense of moral superiority or a combination of all four.

It’s not hard to grasp the motivations of the leadership of Iran and China who actively work against America’s interests. They’re easily understandable. In fact, that’s their job: the weaker we get, the stronger they get.

What’s harder for the majority of Americans to understand are the motivations of the Democrats, media and Never Trumpers who cheer impeachment, the tearing up of Trump’s State of the Union speech or try to hold COVID relief hostage for their own priorities, to name a few examples. (Read about Trump Derangement Syndrome here.)

That’s where the motivations of Power, Ideology, Money and a sense of Moral Superiority come in.

But first, a brief history lesson: When the American Revolutionaries, the Founding Fathers, first spoke against England, they were hated too.

The Establishment at the time didn’t want, or need, the change and vision the American Revolutionaries had for this British Colony, thank you very much.

After all, the merchant class at the time was quite happy with British Empire rule. They were making fortunes dealing with a country that enslaved people and suppressed rights throughout the world and viewed America as nothing more than a cash cow. (Sound familiar?)

Willfully overlooking the evils of the British Empire, America’s early elites enjoyed playing their social climbing games – staying in the good graces of  “society” was paramount – as a lot of money and power could flow from a few good connections.

If you played along. (The exact same way “groupthink” is enforced today – the establishment is all for different opinions until they find out people actually have different opinions.)

But the self-serving was all self-delusion on the Elites part: the masses rose up. The masses aren’t dumb. (Historical Hint for future wannabe autocrats: Never align yourselves with the forces that try to control or enslave the masses. Ever.)

The song of the dictator is always “we provide stability.” That’s what the Pro-Colonists said back then. And that’s exactly what our establishment is saying today. (“We’ve created a stable world, you don’t guns here…”) “Stability” is a code word for enslavement.

However, there were those who were brave enough to stand up and say “something isn’t right.”

And those were the revolutionaries that took America from an “idea” to a “reality,” from slavery to self-determination (and yes, it was this same revolutionary spirit that fought slavery.)

What’s going on today in America is we have an establishment that acts like colonists of old: a self-righteous group of people who claim moral superiority while they’ve been busy enriching themselves at the expense of their country and the needs of its citizens.

What they won’t accept is that their time is over. We’re awake now, and we’re on to them.

No matter if it’s the people trapped for decades in ghettos (our East Berlins,) or not caring about the people living on the street, or the panic caused by a virus, the days of elite rule are over.

A new America is slowly emerging: by and for all Americans. Trump is leading the charge, and in his wake change follows. America is being, once again, reborn.