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Election 2020

Hate of America is Killing America, Literally



America has major problems at this moment in July of 2020, problems that we’ve not seen before in our lifetimes. We’ve read about the civil war, the pandemic of 1918, the great depression, Word Wars I and II – but those were historical events studied in history class.

We’re living in history right now, with challenges equally as great.

This is not an exaggeration: since July of 2019, one year ago, this country has become unrecognizable. Our daily routines have been completely upended. A virus is running amok causing all kinds of havoc. People are ripping down statues and rioting. Children are getting shot. Needlessly.

America is literally coming apart at the seams. And if we all don’t come together – right now – and start rowing in the same direction towards solving these problems, we could lose our country forever.

But what is the path forward? How do we get out of this mess? What is the solution?

The first step to solving any problem is to first find the root cause of the problem. The “root cause” can be defined as the problem that causes all of the other problems.

All problems can be distilled down to the root problem: and if you are not working on the root problem, then you are working on the wrong problem. Problems will keep coming back if you don’t get at the root.

Tucker Carlson made a great comment on his show Monday night, a comment that goes directly to the root problem of America at this moment. The comment was this: “If you don’t love your country, how can you lead it?

He was referring to politicians, but he could be referring to all of us. “How can our country hope to stay together if we don’t all love it?”

This is the same with families: families fail and fall apart when there is an absence of love, as does any relationship.

This is the root problem: our country is falling apart because we don’t love each other enough. We must solve this problem, now.

This is a call to both sides to love each other more. The same rules apply to society as apply to our own relationships: love means to respect the others’  viewpoints, even if you disagree with them. Love means to follow the law, and not destroy the property of others. Love means to work through the system, and not seek to destroy it. Love means to know your responsibilities, as well as your rights.

Providing love for each other means looking out for each other. Right now the rage exhibited by some groups rioting in the streets is not love, it’s pure rage. And we can see what the hate released from this uncontrolled rage does: dozens of innocent people, and even kids, killed as a direct result of protesters wanting to tear down the present system.

But do these protesters even know what they want to replace “the system” with? No, they don’t. Do they have a plan for police reform, school reform, or job creation? No, they don’t. They just have rage. And as rage is not love, it will never solve the problem of building a better future for all citizens.

The open hatred must be stopped – by the National Guard, if need be – so people can cool off and rational heads can prevail.

Then all are encouraged to sit at the table, and work out problems in a rational, adult way. That’s what families in times of crisis do. That’s what the tools in our system are designed to do. We must do this. After all, if we destroy the system we have, how can we then agree on a system – any system – to replace it with it?

Society does indeed need a system to function – who will pick up the trash? Who will educate our children? Who will deliver the mail? – and if warring factions can’t agree – then it’s at that point a strong man will emerge. Then all of the rights and liberties we used to enjoy will be gone forever.

That’s a very grim future. If you love your country, stop the rage, and support those who will stop the rage in the streets before the system is gone forever, and there is nothing to replace it with.