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North Carolina Should Be Worried About 2020 Election Results



NC Congressional Dist 1 Candidate Sandy Smith

Here’s why you should be worried about the Voter Fraud surrounding the 2020 Election, and why you should want North Carolina to join Arizona in a total and complete audit.

With increasing uncertainty in the future of the United States, due to overzealous Democrats, due to pompous claims about racism, sexism, and the sudden race to be “Woke”, we as Law Abiding Legal Americans are supposed to be guaranteed one thing, and that is the right to vote.

As voting citizens, we do our part in maintaining dignity of the country, by casting our ballots in hopes that the majority will be on our side, and changes that will Keep America Great will occur. In 2020, millions of Americans headed to the polls to do just that, but were failed by Democrats, Mainstream Media, and other Leftist corporations, who meddled in what should have been a fair election.

How do we know that it was an unfair election and rigged so that way soft, corrupt, and “sleepy” Democrats could take over? This is why. Voter ID Laws Essentially Changed Over Night.

As I mentioned before this new era of being “woke” has had its pitfalls. One such was the lack of requirement for Voter IDs, due to it supposedly being a racial bias. See there, there goes race falling into something that would otherwise not correlate. But I digress, many arguments come from the fact that getting IDs cost and minorities are less likely to have those funds to pay for that.

First of all, is it not racist to assume that minorities are lacking the funds to buy something as simple as an ID? I don’t know. But what I do know is that Democrats vouch for there to be so much government assistance to help these people, so they don’t have to use their own money to buy groceries, pay rent, take care of all of the children they choose to have, etc. So where does their money go? If they know that they need IDs to vote and conduct various of other amounts of Business in the United States, why do they not allocate funds to take care of getting an ID? Just a basic ID, with a picture. I took the liberty of researching the most basic ID cost and found it to be in North Carolina, only $14.

Now, I used to lean on the side of “Oh ID is so expensive, students and etc., can’t afford it.” Until I educated myself, which it seems many Democrats are using against their voters.

Much of the Democratic Party relies on the information fed to them from the Mainstream Medias without, further research. Strange, especially when they decide to take such a huge stance on many issues. 69% of Black voters BELIEVE that there should be voter ID laws. So why were the laws changed?

So Democrats could turn the election to their favor, and slowly ruin our country. Join Sandy Smith, and fight for an audit of the 2020 Election in NC, and perhaps the rest of the United States will follow and reveal the true nature of the Democrats.

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Sandy Smith For Congress

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