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CMN ENDORSEMENT: Laura Loomer (FL-21)



Who would you consider to be the rock star of conservative politics?

There really is only one name that comes to mind.

Laura Loomer.

Citizen  Media News had the opportunity to spend time with Laura at an event last year. She impressed the heck out of us.

We are not sure what powers her more. Her conservative values. Her drive to get the truth out. Or is it because she has spoken out so loudly, that all social media sites except for Parler, to have her banned for life.

Banning and shadowbanning of social media platforms has been an issue close to Citizen Media News. Similar to what Laura has gone through, CMN has been extremely restricted on Facebook and Twitter.

Whatever it is that the social media players feel to censor and curate her, WE LIKE IT.

Citizen Media News is proud to announce its unwavering
support for future Congresswoman Laura Loomer.

As this is the last day of the reporting quarter, we as that you take a moment and visit her donate page to help with her campaign marching towards victory in November.

As her Parler profile states:

“Investigative journalist Jewess MOST BANNED WOMAN IN THE WORLD Republican Congressional Candidate in Florida District 21”


Donate here: https://bit.ly/3esyWUJ

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