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CPAC 2023

Indivisible with John Stubbins – “Mike Lindell: A Courageous Patriot Fighting for Election Integrity”



Washington DC – CPAC 2023 – “Mike Lindell: A Courageous Patriot Fighting for Election Integrity”

Mike Lindell has been a leading voice in the fight for election integrity, working tirelessly to expose the alleged fraud and corruption that marred the 2020 Presidential election. Despite facing intense criticism and opposition from the mainstream media and the political establishment, Lindell has remained steadfast in his convictions, inspiring millions of Americans to join him in his quest for the truth.

Through his work at MyPillow, Lindell has used his platform to bring attention to the alleged irregularities and discrepancies in the election, including the use of Dominion voting machines and the suspicious behavior of election officials in key battleground states.

Critics of Lindell’s work accuse him of spreading misinformation and undermining faith in the democratic process, but conservatives argue that the mainstream media’s bias against conservative viewpoints has led to a lack of transparency and accountability in the election. Lindell’s work has helped to expose the truth and hold powerful politicians and institutions accountable, making him a hero to conservatives across the country.


Despite the opposition he has faced, Lindell remains committed to fighting for election integrity and exposing the truth about the 2020 Presidential election. His courage and dedication to his cause have inspired millions of Americans to take action and fight for the future of our democracy.

In a time where the political establishment and the mainstream media seem more interested in suppressing conservative viewpoints than in promoting the truth, Mike Lindell represents a beacon of hope, providing a voice for those who have been ignored and marginalized.


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