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Follow-Up: NC Congressional Candidate Calls For 2020 Election Audit



NC Congressional Dist 1 Candidate Sandy Smith

Congressional candidate for North Carolina’s 1st district Sandy Smith has called for an audit of North Carolina’s election in a July article for Big League Politics. She joins a chorus of other North Carolina Republicans calling for an audit of the election and the machines used. This includes Representative Keith Kidwell of Beaufort County, among others.

In her article, she stresses the need to clean voter rolls and points out how Democrats changed the election rules in 2020 that enable ballot fraud. “There’s no way to guarantee the security of an election without making sure that every single person who walks in to cast a vote is authenticated as the voter they say they are.

Thanks to a Democrat-appointee judge erroneously blocking Voter ID for the 2020 election, nobody had their ID checked when they went to vote. They could have been anybody.”

Last year’s election saw what appears to be a coordinated effort by Democrats to weaken election rules before the 2020 November election. Loosening ballot security measures, eliminating voter ID, and enacting universal mail-in voting were all policies that Democrats pushed through in 2020 under the excuse of the coronavirus pandemic.

This can allow for massive fraud and in an election where the margins were decided by tens of thousands of votes and less than 1% of the vote in several swing states. This is enough to make a difference in the vote and change the outcome of an election.

Although President Trump won North Carolina, he did by 1.34% and about 75,000 votes. With the rule changes and absentee ballot requirements dropped, it is likely his margin could have been higher. Slim margins are typical in North Carolina races. As a perennial swing state, North Carolina in 2022 could easily decide the House and the Senate, which is why the election must be audited and secured.

Sandy Smith has a plan on her campaign website on how to restore integrity in our elections. Had these common-sense election security measures been in place, not only would Trump be in office, but the House and Senate would be in Republican control. This is about protecting our Republic. Without a secure election, you cannot have a representative government.

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