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IVAN RAIKLIN: The GOP’s Quest for the Speaker of the House: Unprecedented Proposals Emerge




As the United States House of Representatives Republican Conference gears up for a pivotal meeting on October 10, 2023, the political landscape is buzzing with anticipation. This meeting serves as a platform for House members to make their case for the coveted role of Speaker of the House during the remaining 15 months of the 118th Congress. Among the prominent contenders are Jim Jordan and Steve Scalise, both vying to helm the House. The initial vote to select the Speaker is slated for October 11, 2023.

Yet, amidst this political whirlwind, an unconventional and contentious proposition has gained traction. A growing chorus of Congress members, pundits, and influencers suggests that the only viable solution to address the lingering constitutional crisis stemming from the 2020 election and its aftermath is to nominate and elect former President Donald Trump as the Speaker of the House.

This audacious idea was first voiced by Congressman Troy Nehls from Texas following the ouster of Kevin McCarthy from the leadership position. Subsequently, Greg Steube and Marjorie Taylor Greene publicly rallied behind this novel concept. Anna Paulina Luna even polled her followers to gauge support for a Trump Speakership.

However, critics argue that the GOP conference has its fair share of members who would vehemently oppose Trump’s candidacy for Speaker, including Newhouse, Valadao, Bacon, and others. The ensuing debate has boiled down to two stark options: Speaker Trump or no Speaker of the House for the remainder of the 118th Congress. Both scenarios have far-reaching implications, essentially defanging the so-called “deep state.” The former represents a nuclear approach, while the latter is a defunding strategy. If no Speaker is elected, it could paralyze the House of Representatives, withholding funding from the executive branch post-November 17, when the current Continuing Resolution expires.

From the perspective of ardent Trump supporters, either path benefits American citizens. In their view, it would curtail the perceived weaponization of the executive branch against the people and protect constitutional rights, including the First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Eighth, Tenth, Twelfth, and Fourteenth Amendments.

The Overview Agenda of the Next Speaker:

Should Donald Trump assume the role of Speaker, his agenda appears ambitious and unorthodox. His proposed actions include:

Immunity: As Speaker, Trump would seek immunity from any executive branch actions while serving in the House, safeguarding against politically motivated prosecutions.

Free Speech: Trump would rely on the Speech and Debate Clause to counter gag orders in his lawsuits, leveraging CSPAN channels to broadcast uncensored information via Truth, Gettr, Telegram, and Rumble.

Security Appointments: He would appoint Kash Patel as Sergeant at Arms to recruit January 6th defendants and Tier 1 Special Operators to deter executive branch members from entering the House without permission and arrest senior executive branch leaders.

Capitol Police Oversight: Trump would assume control of the Capitol Police Board and remove USCP Chief Thomas Manger, reinstating Chief Sund and releasing CCTV footage and related documents linked to the January 6 events.

Subpoenas and Impeachments: Speaker Trump would subpoena Letitia James, Jack Smith, Fanny Willis, and Alvin Bragg and, if necessary, order their arrest until they comply. He would also initiate the impeachment of President Biden and Vice President Harris, aiming to trigger a 12th Amendment Contingent election.

Impeachment Nullification: Trump would call for votes nullifying impeachment hoaxes one and two, expelling impeachment managers from both hoaxes and certain Republican members for their impeachment votes.

Exposing Alleged Wrongdoings: Trump would lead efforts to expose various alleged wrongdoings, from the 2020 election to Chinese infiltration, CCP-19 lab incidents, and more.

DOJ, DHS, DOD Accountability: He would advocate for accountability within the DOJ, DHS, and DOD, seeking retribution for political persecutions, physical censorship, and vaccine mandate controversies.

While these proposals have ignited intense debates across political circles, they underscore the unprecedented nature of the upcoming House Speaker selection. As the Republican Conference gathers to make its choice, the nation watches with bated breath to see if the Speaker of the House will indeed be an unorthodox figure like Donald Trump or a more traditional candidate.

16 Specific Actions the Next Speaker of the House Must do to Save America from Collapse:

01)Immunity as Speaker from any Executive Branch Action while in the House and the politically motivated prosecutions

02)Speech and Debate Clause supersedes the Gag orders in his lawsuits, and instead, Trump will have CSPAN 1,2,3 to push out the truth uncensored and amplified by Truth, Gettr, Telegram, and Rumble.

03)Appoints Kash Patel as Sergeant at Arms to then hire all J6 Defendants and recently ejected Tier 1 Special Operators with Rules of Engagement to eliminate any executive branch member that steps foot in the House’s Jurisdiction without permission; Arrest all senior leaders of the Executive Branch: Mayorkas, Garland, Wray, Austin, Walensky, Fauci, Big Pharma affiliates, et al.

04)January 3, 2024: House Sergeant at Arms Kash Patel becomes the Chair of the Capitol Police Board and Fires USCP Chief Thomas Manger (Loyal to Pelosi/Schumer), replaces him with Chief Sund and reinstates Tarik Johnson, Chad Thomas, and others to release the CCTV footage and all documents/interactions by USCP General Counsel Tad DiBiase, Thomas Manger, Yogananda Pittman, Pelosi, Schumer and their staff’s and David Buckley that were involved in the J6 Fedsurrection Coup and Subsequent Coverup.

05)Speaker Trump Subpoenas Letitia James, Jack Smith, Fanny Willis, Alvin Bragg, and if they are in contempt, order the House Sergeant at Arms to Arrest them and detain them on the Capitol Grounds indefinitely until they comply.

06)Impeachment of Biden Harris for the purpose of showing the nation and the State Legislatures of Arizona, Georgia, and Wisconsin to reclaim their electors so that Biden falls below 270 electors, triggering a 12th Amendment Contingent election, and Speaker Trump will preside over an electing himself as POTUS. Even if the States don’t move to reclaim their electors, the new House under Trump can redo the Joint Session since Pence/Pelosi did not have a quorum on January 6 and object to GA, WI, AZ, MI, PA, NV, NH, NE, NM electors at a minimum, then triggering a 12A contingent election outright.

07)Impeachment Nullification Vote for Impeachment Hoaxes 1 & 2

08)Expulsion of Impeachment Managers from Impeachment Hoaxes 1 & 2

09)Expulsion of Congressman David Valadao and Dan Newhouse for their impeachment votes

10)Expulsion of those who were on the J6 Coverup Committee and disciplinary action against all staffers, including defrauding the US

11)Expose the Illegal 2020 election, Chinese Infiltration of US Industries, CCP-19 Lab Incident, Censorship Industrial Complex, Fauci Files, January 6 Fedsurrection (Listen to this interview for more details on Fedsurrection)

12)Punish the DOJ, DHS, and DOD for their lawless activity:

13)DOJ-US Attorneys, FBLie involved in political persecutions of J6 defendants

14)DHS-Physical censorship through the CBP/TSA Quad SSSS program while flying

15)DOD-Illegal “Vaccine” mandate and the subsequent destruction of over 8k critical thinkers from the military and 60k-80k that departed early to avoid the illegal mandate/wokeism.

16)Punish all involved in promoting the mutilation of other humans that are in the executive branch.

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