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Scott Haire Show Explores Border Issues, Historical Flags, & Global Influences



In a Late-Night Discussion, Host Scott Haire and Guest Ian Trottier Navigate Through a Tapestry of Topics

In a recent episode of the “Scott Haire Show,” host Scott Haire engaged in a thought-provoking conversation with Ian Trottier, the podcaster behind “Discussion of Truth.” The discourse covered a wide array of subjects, ranging from the intricacies of historical flags to pressing issues at the U.S.-Mexico border, with a nuanced exploration of global influences.

The interview commenced with an exploration of Ian Trottier’s background, tracing his journey from the valet parking business in New York City to his ventures in Miami, where he faced challenges due to the Zika virus outbreak. This background, Haire noted, set the stage for Trottier’s transition into the media world, founding “Discussion of Truth” and contributing articles to yorkins.com.

The central focus of the conversation shifted to the current situation at the southern border. Ian Trottier shared insights from his recent visit, revealing encounters with migrants from diverse countries, including Africa. The conversation unveiled Ian’s investigation into the activities of “No More Deaths,” an organization initially perceived as humanitarian but raising concerns about potential ties with cartels.

The complexity of the narrative deepened as the discussion expanded to encompass Native American lands and reservations, underscoring the challenges faced by law enforcement in addressing these multifaceted issues. Trottier skillfully connected historical events, such as the establishment of the Federal Reserve in 1913, to the contemporary border situation, invoking figures like John Perkins and historical treaties like the Torrijos-Carter Treaty in 1977.

Geopolitical intricacies came to the forefront as the conversation unfolded, introducing the City of Knowledge in Panama, a UN-based organization occupying former U.S. military bases. The Internet Organization for Migration (IOM) also entered the discourse, with Trottier suggesting their involvement in orchestrating northward migration and contributing to the ongoing border crisis.

The conversation delved into a tapestry of historical, economic, and geopolitical dimensions, raising questions about the role of various organizations in shaping the current border scenario. The hosts acknowledged the multifaceted nature of the discussion, with layers of complexity revealing themselves as the narrative progressed.

In conclusion, Ian Trottier emphasized the role of the United Nations and the International Organization for Migration in driving northern immigration. As the episode drew to a close, he encouraged support for his book, “Freedom Reserve,” and promoted educational initiatives and merchandise.

This extensive exploration on the “Scott Haire Show” provides a captivating glimpse into the intricate web of issues surrounding the U.S.-Mexico border while connecting historical dots and unraveling global influences.