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INDIVISIBLE WITH JOHN STUBBINS: Sandy Smith Unveils Vision for NC CD-01 Redistricting, Opposition to Pelosi, and a Proactive Agenda



An interview on the “Indivisible with John Stubbins” show featuring Sandy Smith, a congressional candidate from North Carolina’s District 1. The conversation covers redistricting, Smith’s political movement, her opponent, and critical issues like the military, the southern border, school choice, the economy, and her pro-life stance.

Sandy Smith discusses the uncertainty around redistricting, emphasizing the grassroots movement she has built in the heavily Democrat district. She highlights her achievements and challenges during previous elections, including strong opposition from Nancy Pelosi. Smith criticizes her opponent, Don Davis, as a “rubber stamp” for Nancy Pelosi and advocates for a focus on military readiness, border security, and school choice.

The interview touches on various issues, emphasizing the need to address woke training in the military, secure the southern border, implement school choice, and revive the economy. Sandy Smith expresses strong pro-life views and calls for a return to focusing on core military training rather than woke ideologies.

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