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INDIVISIBLE WITH JOHN STUBBINS: DB Fugate Talks District 22 and Conservative Values



In a recent
In a recent

In a recent episode of “Indivisible with John Stubbins,” host John Stubbins welcomed DB Fugate, a candidate running for Florida House District 22. The conversation delved into Fugate’s vision for the district, his views on current issues, and the need for conservative values in government.

Fugate, a United States Air Force veteran, discussed the importance of being visible and engaged with constituents. He emphasized the need for representatives to understand the community’s concerns, citing issues such as job creation, neighborhood cleanliness, and support for law enforcement.

One key aspect of the conversation was Fugate’s critique of the incumbent, Lois Frankel, a Democrat. Fugate expressed his belief in term limits and the necessity of new, dedicated leadership prioritizing the nation’s well-being over party affiliations.

Addressing the concerns of the black community, Fugate noted a growing awareness of the Democratic Party’s selective attention during election seasons. He highlighted the disillusionment with the Biden administration’s policies, citing issues at the border and the questionable allocation of funds to countries with adversarial stances towards the United States.

The discussion also touched on Fugate’s stance on law and order. He emphasized the importance of proper force in maintaining order, referencing successful measures law enforcement took in Miami-Dade County during past unrest.

Furthermore, Fugate expressed concerns about the impact of woke ideologies in the military, advocating for a return to a focus on national security and a rejection of divisive concepts such as critical race theory.

In conclusion, DB Fugate outlined his commitment to serving District 22, focusing on conservative values, unity, and effective governance. As the election season progresses, Fugate aims to connect with voters, build a strong team, and bring about positive change in the district.