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DISCUSSIONS OF TRUTH: Former NFL Player and Conservative Congressional Candidate, Jerone Davison, Unveils Vision for America



In a recent “Discussions of Truth” episode with host Ian Trottier, former NFL player, and conservative congressional candidate Jerone Davison shared insights into his political aspirations, addressing critical issues facing America. The conversation covered topics ranging from the deep state and the role of big tech to financial manipulation and the country’s future.

Davison, a Republican conservative running for a U.S. Congressional seat in Arizona, emphasized his commitment to three key platforms: an Internet Bill of Rights, protecting the border, and safeguarding children. His Internet Bill of Rights aims to address internet censorship, advocating for the classification of social media companies as public utilities to ensure First Amendment rights in the digital space.

The discussion delved into the profound state concept, which Davison described as an unelected political party exerting influence behind the scenes. He expressed concerns about the socialist and Marxist influences infiltrating American politics and highlighted the need to identify and challenge these forces.

One significant moment in the interview was Davison’s recounting of a viral video from his previous congressional campaign. In the video, he defended the Second Amendment, addressing the need for firearms for self-defense against potential threats, including the Ku Klux Klan. The video faced censorship on specific platforms, raising questions about free speech and the influence of big tech.

The conversation also touched on financial matters, including the Federal Reserve Conspiracy and the need for fiscal responsibility. Davison shared historical perspectives on presidents leaving office without a federal deficit, with Andrew Jackson being the only one in his estimation.

Addressing the growing influence of centralized digital currency, Davison voiced his concerns about unconstitutional actions and hinted at the potential threat of a social credit system. He stressed the importance of preserving individual freedoms and fighting against moves toward digital currencies without proper legislative processes.

Davison encouraged listeners to vet candidates thoroughly before offering support and donations, emphasizing the significance of elected officials who genuinely represent the interests of the American people.

As Davison’s campaign website faced hacking issues, he directed supporters to Jeronedavidson.com for more information and contributions. The interview showcased Davison’s passion for preserving constitutional principles, challenging the status quo, and bringing an offensive strategy to defend American values.