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INDIVISIBLE WITH JOHN STUBBINS: Sheriff AJ Lauderback Discusses Border Crisis and Congressional Candidacy




In a recent episode of “Indivisible with John Stubbins,” Sheriff AJ Lauderback, currently running for Texas House District 30, he shared insights into his extensive background as a sheriff, military veteran, and border security advocate. The conversation covered Lauderback’s military service, experiences as a sheriff for five terms, and his concerns about the escalating border crisis.

Lauderback, a former Air Force member stationed at Pete Peterson Field, highlighted the pressing need for secure borders in the face of rising challenges, including illegal immigration, human trafficking, and drug smuggling. With firsthand experiences at the border, he emphasized the detrimental impact of the Biden administration’s policies on Texas, noting the surge in crime and the overwhelming strain on law enforcement resources.

The sheriff, who previously ran for Congress against Congressman Michael Cloud, expressed frustration with the border situation, particularly in the Corpus Christi and Houston areas. He criticized the intentional dismantling of border security and underscored the urgency of addressing the issues caused by an open border, including the influx of criminal elements.

During his tenure as liaison for the Texas Land Commissioner, Lauderback discussed efforts to secure Texas properties along the border, including Fronton Island, a previously uncontrollable area now under Texas control with increased surveillance.

Lauderback called attention to the unknown individuals entering the country, citing concerns about potential criminal elements. He accused the Biden administration of intentional lawlessness, resulting in tragic incidents, including a recent murder of a sixteen-year-old girl by an illegal alien.

The sheriff urged voters to prioritize border security, emphasizing the need to address the dangers posed by criminal elements entering the country unchecked. He also touched on broader issues facing Texas, such as property taxes and water concerns.

In conclusion, John Stubbins endorsed Sheriff AJ Lauderback, emphasizing the importance of safety as a foundation for addressing other issues facing the state. The episode encouraged viewers to visit ajlouderback.com for more information and ways to support Lauderback’s campaign.