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Maryam Henein

PREMIERE: Trailer – Floyd: A Multi-Layered Psyop Examined




(Miami, Fl) – Set to be released at 8:00 pm on Friday, November 12, 2021, Maryam has chosen Citizen Media to be the platform for her newest endeavor on revealing behind-the-scenes events during the Goerge Floyd trial.


On May 25th, 2020, George Floyd was arrested for a forgery in progress. The media chose to show you bits and bobs of the truth but left important details on the cutting room floor. Why? Attorney Keith Ellison sat on the body camera footage. The world NEVER saw the entirety of what really happened. UNTIL NOW


“I have been tracking this story as a REAL journalist for more than a year. This upcoming short documentary will accompany my upcoming book George Floyd: A Multi-Layered Psyop Examined,” states director Maryam Henein.


World-renowned Maryam Henein is an investigative journalist and functional medicine consultant, best known for directing the film Vanishing of the Bees, narrated by Ellen Page. She is also the founder of HoneyColony, an online magazine, and marketplace aimed at empowering people to be their own best health advocates.For over two decades, Maryam’s been living the digital nomad life, based out of Los Angeles. She started her career producing the news for MSNBC4. She eventually quit pursuing freelance journalism. Her beats included spirituality, sexuality, and

Hollywood. Hollywood. She wrote for several mainstream magazines including Maxim, The Hollywood Reporter, Los Angeles Magazine, Black Book, & Penthouse.

Exclusive interview with Maryam Henein at Trump Doral during AmpFest. We were fighting against the audio of the dress rehearsal of James O’Keefe singing in the background.



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