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DISCUSSIONS OF TRUTH: Congressional Candidate Burt Thakur Discusses Immigration, Central Banking, and American Values



In a recent episode of “Discussions of Truth” with host Ian Trottier, Burt Thakur, a congressional candidate for Texas’s 26th district, delved into pressing issues affecting the state. Thakur, a combat veteran and advocate for change, addressed concerns ranging from border security to economic challenges, presenting a conservative perspective on these critical matters.

Thakur began by highlighting the open congressional seat in Texas’s 26th district, emphasizing his candidacy as the lone combat veteran in the race. Expressing his frustration with current government dynamics, Thakur stressed the need for representatives who understand the struggles of everyday Americans.

Thakur continued by addressing the immigration issue, emphasizing the distinction between genuine asylum seekers and those pursuing economic opportunities. Drawing from his extensive travel experience to 70 countries, he expressed concern about individuals entering the country without facing true hardships, citing instances of able-bodied men seeking a better life without the justification for asylum.

The conversation quickly turned to the state of Texas, with Thakur passionately discussing the economic challenges facing residents. He pointed out the rising cost of healthcare, the struggle for good-paying jobs, and the impact of artificial intelligence on employment. Thakur proposed initiatives such as zero-interest loans for STEM degrees and focusing on American manufacturing to revitalize the economy.

COVID-19’s global disruptions also became a focal point, with Thakur questioning the country’s dependence on foreign sources for critical infrastructure components. He criticized the “green new scam” and expressed concern over China benefiting from climate change initiatives.

Thakur, an immigrant from India, emphasized the greatness of the United States and his journey from witnessing his great-grandmother rebuild mud huts to running for Congress. He urged a shift in focus towards protecting American assets from foreign influence, particularly citing concerns about Chinese companies like Huawei and intellectual property theft.

The discussion expanded to Thakur’s military background, experience with the Navy, and perspective on foreign policy. He criticized the current administration’s foreign policy and expressed a desire to take a strong stance against cartels, declaring them as terrorist organizations.

Border security emerged as a crucial issue, with Thakur proposing a six-month moratorium on immigration and advocating for a high-tech border wall. He shared personal stories of witnessing the impact of drug cartels and human trafficking, underlining the urgency of securing the border.

The candidate underscored the importance of preserving the concept of asylum for those genuinely under duress, such as individuals facing ethnic cleansing or persecution. Thakur criticized the current state of immigration, pointing out instances where people wave flags of other countries in protest of the United States, expressing frustration with what he sees as a lack of appreciation for the opportunities America provides.

Thakur further delved into economic aspects, differentiating between immigration and asylum by highlighting cases where individuals improve their financial standing through legal means. He argued for a reset in immigration policies, emphasizing the significance of legal immigration channels.

Shifting focus to the Federal Reserve, Thakur expressed concern about the growing national debt and the potential consequences of interest rate fluctuations. He echoed the sentiments of former Congressman Ron Paul, suggesting that the Federal Reserve’s actions may be steering the nation toward financial instability.

The candidate also addressed the issue of cryptocurrency and its relationship with the central banking system. Thakur questioned the involvement of central banks in influencing the value of cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin, and expressed skepticism about the proposed central bank digital currency.

Throughout the discussion, Thakur emphasized the need for a strategic, America-first approach in addressing immigration and economic policies. He called for the inclusion of brilliant minds in government, free from what he referred to as the shame of Diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Thakur concluded by addressing the deterioration of American rights, vowing to repeal the Patriot Act, and advocating for a return to legislative governance. He urged citizens to research the Declaration of North America, expressing concerns about its potential impact on immigration policies. In this compelling interview, Thakur presented a conservative perspective on Texas’s challenges, emphasizing his commitment to American values and a desire to address issues facing the nation.

To stay updated on Burt Thakur’s campaign and viewpoints, visit his website at www.BurtThakurForCongress.com. Thakur encourages direct contact and engagement, providing his cell phone number for those interested in sharing ideas and perspectives.