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Max Miller Expresses Support for Jim Jordan as Speaker During Capitol Interview



Washington, D.C. – In an exclusive interview with Congressman Max Miller, held in the hallowed halls of the Capitol Longworth Building, Miller voiced his unequivocal support for Representative Jim Jordan as the next Speaker of the House. As the House Speaker hearings continue to gather momentum, Miller’s endorsement highlights the debate surrounding conservative leadership within the Republican Party.

The interview commenced with Miller addressing a recent statement by another member of Congress, expressing doubts about Jordan’s ability to lead. Miller countered these reservations, citing Jordan’s track record of serving Ohio and the country. He emphasized Jordan’s instrumental role as Chairman of the Judiciary Committee and the Oversight Committee, praising his unwavering dedication to holding the Democrats accountable.

One critical point of contention arose regarding the possibility of Scalise securing the nomination within the closed room. Miller confirmed that irrespective of the private selection process outcome, he would vote for Jim Jordan on the House floor. This unwavering support stems from Miller’s deep-rooted trust and loyalty to Jordan, which he asserted cannot be bought.

In response to a question about potential distrust in Scalise, Miller clarified that his endorsement of Jordan is not a reflection of distrust in Scalise but rather a testament to his longstanding relationship with Jordan. “I’ve known Jim for several years,” Miller stated, underscoring the depth of their connection.

Despite being pressed on his decision, Miller adamantly upheld his stance, asserting that he believed Jim Jordan was the right choice for the Speaker of the House role. He also pushed back against the notion that his endorsement was a dig at any other candidate, emphasizing that he seeks to promote better questions and thoughtful discourse in political discussions.

The interview concluded with Miller’s declaration that his support for Jordan is unwavering and not just a passing phase. He firmly believes that Jordan is the most qualified candidate for the role of Speaker of the House, and his trust and loyalty to Jordan will be reflected in his vote on the House floor.

As the nation eagerly awaits the outcome of the Speaker of the House hearings, Congressman Max Miller’s endorsement of Jim Jordan signifies the ongoing conservative leadership debates within the Republican Party. With Jordan’s proven track record and Miller’s strong support, the race for the Speaker’s chair takes an intriguing turn.

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