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Congressman Ted Budd Hints at Senate Run



Sanford, NC – Congressman Ted Budd (R-NC13) hinted at a run for the senate seat that Richard Burr will retire from in 2022.

Speaking at the Lee County Republican Party Annual Convention, at the 9:45 mark of this video, Rep. Budd stated he was taking a look at the senate seat.

Rep Ted Budd spoke about conditions up in congress, and that he had spoken with Newt Gingrich recently and Newt said the Democrats have never had a majority this thin. They should be cautious, but they’re in “burn it down mode” in terms of getting their agenda passed.

Rep Budd went on to say “They (the democrats) have a two year window to do a lot of damage. Look at HR 1 through 10. Those are their vanity projects. HR 1 is a takeover of voting. Nationalize ballot harvesting, allow felons to vote, among other problems. It takes the chaos of 2020 and makes it permanent.”

He also mused that “The first thing they (the Democrats) did when they had power was put a razor wire fence around the capital. Yet they won’t put a fence at the border.” He stated “My immigration stance is simple: let’s enforce our laws.” And to “Turn off the magnet that attracts illegal immigrants. The human trafficking is inhumane.”

Rep Budd describes himself as a business owner. He owns a shooting range and retail store, and he promises to defend the second amendment.

Rep Budd has competition though: Former Charlotte Mayor and North Carolina Governor, Pat McCrory has expressed interest in the soon to be vacant Senate seat.

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