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Election 2022

NC SENATE RACE – McCrory calls for end to Cancel Culture



Former Charlotte Mayor and North Carolina Governor, Pat McCrory took the podium at the NCGOP Congressional District 9 Convention on Saturday, April 17th 2021, to decry cancel culture and talk about his Senate run.

McCrory began his remarks by recounting what a 17 year old Charlotte Christian High School student told him that morning: the school was allowing students to paint their parking spaces, and the student wasn’t allowed to paint his with an American flag, but another student was allowed to paint his in honor of Black Lives Matter.

McCrory went on to say that “I can’t let this cancel culture and this incredible debt that’s been built up continue for future generations.”

This is why, McCrory said, he decided to get in the race.

McCrory noted that since announcing last Wednesday, he’s already been attacked by Chuck Schumer. “I must be the strongest candidate for the U.S. Senate.” McCrory said. “If not, they would’ve left me alone, right? They have been attacking me across the nation for the last 48 hours and I like it.”

McCrory stated the reason he’s running is he’s “simply the best for this job.” He cited how, as a legislator and mayor, he “made promises and kept his promises” because he was “not doing service for the next election, but for the next generation.” And that’s why he’s running for the senate, “for the next generation.”

The biggest applause line of the speech was when McCrory said “We as Republicans better get back to fiscal responsibility. I did that as mayor and I did that as governor.”

In closing, McCrory said the biggest issue is safety. “The (South American) Cartels are here in North Carolina.” As long as Joe Biden opens the borders, the cartel and safety issues will continue.

McCrory might have some competition for the seat though: Representative Ted Budd is interested too. Click the link to read more on Ted Budd Expresses Interest in Senate Seat.

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