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Election 2020

OPINION: Biden’s Election Thievery



Regarding Joe Biden, he knows the election was stolen. He had every part in that theft upon him. He is guilty of stealing from all of us and being willing to pose as the leader, he makes a mockery before the world of our great country.

He may be slipping, but the blood of innocence is on his hands. He has signed executive orders which are bringing a nightmare scenario to our country for years to come. He was guilty of stealing millions of dollars from the American people in his dark treachery, all his family benefitted.

Neither he nor Kamala Harris has the wit or cerebral strength to lead. I call this reveal just an unveiling of truth-revelation of what is and just how deceptive the Enemies of the United States can be! I know our compassionate Savior did not mince his words when dealing with deceivers.

“Brood of vipers!!”

And the great Apostle Paul, “May God strike you, you whitewashed wall!”

Paul was referring to graves full of decay, whitewashed to give the appearance that the grave was new in order to hide the rot and decay hidden behind the facade of whitewash. So what we have here is a white-washed wall, yet the smell betrays him.

In this case, his obvious dementia. I could look at anyone suffering from this affliction and mercy abounds, but right now, Biden is like the thief on the cross, clothed in mockery of the one who is dying for his Sin.

And that’s a dangerous position to be in

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