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NC GOP Congressional Candidate Sandy Smith is on Fire!



Sandy Smith, congressional candidate for North Carolina’s 1st district, is on fire. During a sit down interview with Citizen Media Editor in Chief Roger Farina, Smith celebrated her endorsement by President Trump at his North Carolina rally on September 23rd.

“Did anything interesting happen lately?” Roger asked, with a smile, referring to her endorsement.

“President Trump officially endorsed my candidacy from the stage.” Smith said. “The energy was off the hook. North Carolina 1 is a district we can win.” She declared.

“Democrats have destroyed our country. They’ve taken it down the wrong path. Democrats have no plan. We (Republicans) need to put families first. Families are struggling to put food on the table. $3 for a dozen eggs, $5 gas and 10 or 15 bucks for chicken. It’s hard for families out there, especially single mothers.“

Smith also pointed out that “President Biden drained the Strategic Oil Reserve to lower gas prices and prices will go back up after the election. This is all self-inflicted by the president. “

She also addressed the student loan issue: “They (Democrats) want to raise our taxes and force you to pay for someone else’s degree. This is unfair and not the American Dream.” She also took direct aim at Biden’s economy: “Bottom line, North Carolina families are taking home less money at the end of the day.”

Roger brought up the question of some liberal democrats who want legalized abortion up to birth. Smith tackled the issue head on. “When you have to legislate and draft a bill to protect an innocent baby, that’s disgusting. What has happened to our country, have we gone mad?”

In addition to Trump, Smith also received an array of diverse endorsements. “I have well rounded support from across the community.” Smith said. “These endorsements show I’m a fighter and will fight for the folks.”

Her endorsement are impressive. They range from Clarence Henderson one of the “Smithfield Five”, North Carolina Lt. Gov Mark Robinson, various Congressional Freedom Caucus members, Bishop Jackson, Chuck Smith, General Michal Flynn, RNC Chairwoman Rona McDaniels and an endorsement from North Carolina Conservative Black Voices.

“And of course,” Roger reminded Smith, “The most important endorsement of all, an endorsement from Citizen Media News.”

Sandy was also voted a “Young Gun” by the National Republican Congressional Committee.

Roger asked how people can get involved, and Smith invited everyone to sign up on her website sandysmithnc.com “You can also help us make phone calls.” Sandy said, “We have an automated system where you can call from own phone, but your number will not be shown. Even my mother-in-law is making calls.” Smith said. “Democrats are not the way to go.”

We couldn’t agree more.

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