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Small Arizona Town Hosts Republican Senate Candidate Blake Masters



Sierra Vista, AZ  – This small Southeastern Arizona town, mostly known for its proximity to historic old ‘Tombstone’ and its numerous silver and copper mines, had a fresh breeze of excitement in town on the 19th of September.  Sierra Vista is also home to the Cochise County Republican Headquarters. This weekend the headquarters had an excellent opportunity to host a very important US. Senate candidate, Mr. Blake Masters (R-Ariz.).

Mr. Masters is a well-educated and native-born Arizonan who, with both graduate and post-graduate degrees from Stanford University, strikes a sharp contrast with his democratic competitor, Mr. Mark Kelly (D-Ariz.).  Mr. Masters rolled out his simple plan for Arizona, a ten-point plan to address some of the most substantive issues affecting not only Arizona but the greater United States.

During his visit to Sierra Vista, he met local citizens and many ranchers at two hosted events just a short distance from the Mexican border. He discussed issues facing rural and city folks who struggle daily with economic and employment challenges. He very clearly addressed questions concerning the community with true dignity, humor, and compassion.

His plan is designed to address principally; illegal immigration, energy independence, curb inflation/taxes, and defend the US. Constitution.  And in the interests of full disclosure, his competitor Mr. Kelly has received a failing report card for his support of unamerican ideas, including open borders (including welfare for illegals), unlimited abortion (up until birth), men in girls’ athletics (including locker rooms), and the hiring of 87,000 IRS agents rather than border patrol agents which would protect Arizonians.

Look out, America, because Mr. Blake Masters is a candidate with a bright future in American politics and with youth in mind; he could be the answer to many American challenges of today and tomorrow.

The Author, Lieutenant Dan, is a retired Army Officer, Aviator, and family man residing in Cochise County, AZ.


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