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Impeachment Watch: All You Need To Know



Wednesday, during the impeachment hearing with the House Intel Committee for the impeachment of Donald J. Trump, the Democrats star witnesses, who were testifying about their expertise in foreign policy, showed how insane it is to listen to old, out of touch, career bureaucrats in the first place.

Two Ukraine experts who have spent decades watching failed foreign policies destroy the American military and drain the American taxpayer talked about their bonafides for swamp dweller, and their feelings about what Trump should do in places like Ukraine and why they are upset over his America First policies.

They also talked about their hurt feelings that Trump would use what they called “irregular channels” to handle his foreign policy.

One moment really cemented the childishness of Rep. Adam Schiff, who is leading the impeachment charge, when Rep. Ratcliffe asked them if what they were testifying to was an impeachable offense:


The two star witnesses, Wednesday, were upset that Trump wasn’t using their advice. This impeachment hoax and show trial is over foreign policy differences. Schiff is barring the investigation into the alleged “whistleblower”.

OANN posted an interview late Wednesday night, exposing the reason why the Democrats refuse to allow inspection into the whistleblower’s statements or motivations.

Ukraine has been in violent upheaval for decades over government corruption, with a powerful populist movement finally displacing pro-Russian government leaders, in favor of reformer Volodymyr Zelensky.

What the impeachment hearing exposed Wednesday is that the Democrats and career bureaucrats were colluding with the pro-Russian government in Ukraine.

The Show Trial will continue on Friday.

For Daily updates, listen to the War Room, with Stephen Bannon, Jason Miller and Raheem Kassad:

War Room. 

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Background, Politico article exposing Democrats Corruption with Ukraine:

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Great article about Senator Grassley’s corruption investigation by Conservative Tree House

How the Media is being used for Propaganda:

Politico tries to hide their previous article

Friday, testimony will concentrate on another career bureaucrat former US ambassador, who Trump removed from Ukraine over charges that she was disrespecting Zelinsky’s authority as president.

She will testify that Trump bullied her.

As the impeachment goes…


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