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38th & Chicago; Now & Then – George Floyd Square: A Community’s Ongoing Struggle for Justice and Change



In the heart of Minneapolis, where the echoes of history reverberate with each passing day, George Floyd Square stands as a symbol of hope and frustration for the local community. Over three years since the tragic death of George Floyd, we take a closer look at how this neighborhood has been impacted and the continuing efforts for justice and change.

A Legacy of Tragedy

At the forefront of this narrative is a community grappling with the legacy of a tragic event. On a warm evening in May 2020, George Floyd lost his life, sparking outrage and protests that rippled across the nation. It was a moment that illuminated the deep-seated issues surrounding race, inequality, and police brutality.

A Resident’s Perspective

One resident, who chose to remain anonymous, reflected on the changes in their neighborhood since George Floyd’s death. They recalled how this place, once their home, now felt overrun by tourists, dubbed “pilgrims,” who came to witness the site where a man’s life was tragically taken. Yet, despite the influx of visitors, the residents noted that the community had not seen the improvements they hoped would occur.

The Significance of the $20 Bill

The resident delved into the fateful event that led to George Floyd’s arrest – the alleged use of a counterfeit $20 bill. They emphasized that this seemingly minor incident escalated to a fatal confrontation. They argued that This tragic episode revealed a much deeper problem – a system they believed was not designed to serve people of color.

Empowering Future Leaders

Addressing a group of young activists, the resident urged them to become future leaders and change-makers. They stressed the importance of education, noting that leaders are often avid readers. By understanding history and their rights, these future leaders can challenge the status quo and demand accountability.

Community Engagement and Protest

A discussion among community members who are actively involved in ongoing protests and advocacy. Their voices resonate with a sense of purpose and a commitment to achieving justice. On this Monday afternoon in July 2023, a small contingent of musicians gathered together to play songs across from where George died. George Floyd Square has become a symbol of their determination to bring about change.

The 24 Demands for Justice

The community’s demands for justice are embodied in the “24 demands.” These demands, derived from the community itself, outline their vision of justice in the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder. They address issues such as police reform, accountability, and restorative justice.

Assumptions and Realities

During the conversation, the “five assumptions” were shared – a set of principles guiding behavior within the square. These assumptions, such as assuming everyone has COVID and that everything is being recorded, underscore the need for vigilance and solidarity within the community.
An Ongoing Occupation

Perhaps most notably, George Floyd Square remains an ongoing occupation, marking the longest-standing protest occupation in U.S. history. Despite attempts to return the area to its former state, the community remains steadfast, demanding justice and change.

Community Meetings and Future Directions

Community meetings are still being held to discuss the future of George Floyd Square. These gatherings continue to shape the narrative, pushing for the community’s demands to be heard and acted upon.


In the three years since George Floyd’s tragic death, George Floyd Square has evolved into more than just a memorial; it has become a testament to a community’s resilience, determination, and ongoing struggle for justice. As the nation continues to grapple with issues of racial inequality and police reform, this Minneapolis neighborhood serves as a powerful reminder of the work that remains to be done.



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