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Impeachment Players: WarRoom Says “Grassroots Get Engaged And Call McCarthy”



Stephen K. Bannon made the case for the strongest possible representation on the Republican side of the Committee that will start their televised public show trial, Wednesday, for the Impeachment of President Donald J. Trump.

“We need the real killers on the committee to protect President Trump, and if he is impeached Republicans won’t win the house for a long time,” Raheem Kassad, co-host of the WarRoom: Impeachment Podcast said, Monday.

“This is a foreign policy difference in the administration, Raheem said.  Even Obama had policy differences in his administration over Ukraine,” Kassad,  said.

“It will be a disservice to Trump if the GOP doesn’t protect him,” co-host Jason Miller said.

Miller, Kassad and Bannon agree on three Representatives who they feel will fight boldly and smartly for Trump, and the American people in the upcoming Impeachment hearings, that will start Wednesday, Nov. 13.

“Mark Meadows, Lee Zeldin, Matt Gaetz, drive the case for protecting Trump and ending the witch hunt over this policy dispute in the administration,” Bannon said.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA)  is the minority GOP leader for the US House of Representatives.

“It is up to McCarthy. He may want to be the Speaker, so he may be worried about getting votes,  but he needs to know that we won’t get the house back if Trump is impeached.  If the base finds out it is the failure of McCarthy to protect Trump, they won’t turn out to vote,” Miller said.

“If McCarthy isn’t willing to be aggressive he needs to step aside,” Kassad said.

Jason Miller broke it down, and named the members of the Select Committee on Intelligence, for the Republican side, and how he feels about each person to protect Trump:

Deven Nunes (R-CA)  is great.  Mike Conway is the old yeller, he needs to go home.  Mike Turner, he is just ok.  He should go. Brad Winstrup hammered the process and called on Pelosi so he makes the cut.  Chris Stewart, he makes the cut. Jim Jordan is great. Elise Stefanik is lame.  She doesn’t like Trump, but she may be untouchable. Will Hurd, is the worst, disgrace, he is retiring , he doesn’t like Trump and disagrees with whistleblower being unmasked. John Ratcliff, best questioner, he is great,” Miller said.

“We need people who are strong and going to call out opinions and wrong testimony because the Democrat’s case is so full of opinions and misinformation,” Miller said.  “And the grassroots need to voice their displeasure at a soft committee, we need to get a push to get our three Killers added,” he said.

“We need Grassroots to call 202- 225-3121  ask for McCarthy’s office and you have to let them know that you want them to put our three in,” Miller told the audience.

“The Democrats are stacked with their aggressive and brightest, we should be too,”  Miller said.

War Room Podcast is a daily podcast, 9-10 AM on iTunes, Facebook , and at War Room Website.

“It [The Podcast] is the closest thing to hanging out with Trump in your bathroom,” reported Fast Company


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