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Meet Lucretia Hughes at Fallback Productions



Documentary: Get Back Right “God, Family, Country”





Lucretia C. Hughes is the Co-founder of Fallback Productions Studio LLC, Show Host for Lucretia Hughes’ Show and Conservative Activist for God, Family, Country and Trump. The President of the United States Donald J Trump, has taken noticed of Lucretia’s Passion for her Country by retweeting her message.  She received her Associate Degree in Business Management and Administration from ITT Technical College and is currently working as a Financial Professional at Hughes’s Insurance. A strong advocate for Religious Freedom, Conservative and Republican values in Georgia and the United States. Her professional interests focus on improving the quality of lives for constituents of the United States. In addition, she serves as President for The Lanier Tea Party Patriots and serves on the NRA Nominating Committee and NRA Outreach Committee Georgia, member of the Republican Assembly, Lanier Republican Assembly, member of the Georgia Republican Party and Walton Republican Party. She was honored by Speak Up Georgia for her contributions to the uplifting and advancement of the Conservative Movement. She was also named to the Who’s Who Georgia Conservatives.

Lucretia C. Hughes was born in Commerce Ga. June 19, 1974. She is a proud mother of four and grandmother of 7. She graduated from Spartanburg High School in Spartanburg S.C. in 1994. She returned to her Georgia roots in 1998. Since returning to Georgia Lucretia’s life has been placed on a collision course with serving others. During the first attempts to pass Obamacare, Lucretia realized that our current Government officials did not have normal citizens’ interests at heart. She began to pay closer attention to State and Local officials and seen that the same things were occurring right here. At that point she realized that if someone didn’t take a stand that we were doomed to be knocked down. As of March 11, 2016 Lucretia, decided that she would take that stand and make a difference.

Retweeted by President Trump

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