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AMERICA’S DETECTIVE: Sad Day for Law Enforcement



Yesterday was a sad day for Law Enforcement and our Criminal Justice System. PO Chauvin was convicted for the new crime of something that looked bad that emotionally affected us all. Like everyone, I was appalled by the video of PO Chauvin keeping his knee on Floyd’s neck even after he passed out was inexcusable.

However, as a Detective, you must take the emotion out of your investigation and follow the evidence in the case. I believe that the jurors totally disregarded the autopsy report and the fact that Floyd overdosed on fentanyl, had a heart condition, high blood pressure, and his lungs were full of fluids because of the overdose.

Furthermore, during this trial, jurors were aware of rioting all over the country. This created a heavy burden on the Jury, which affected the outcome. Even I could have agreed with the manslaughter charge; however, a murder conviction is ludicrous!

The Prosecution, in this case, refuted their state’s own autopsy report by bringing in other medical experts, which indicates to me they were politically motivated to convict an innocent cop of murder to prevent riots. The Prosecution’s so-called best witness, Dr. Martin Tobin, a pulmonologist specializing in the mechanics of breathing testimony, was a mix of fact, innuendo, and theories. I am sorry, but there was no way this Dr. could testify that PO Chauvin had 91 pounds of pressure on the Floyds neck with his knee! This was a guess based on Chauvin’s weight, not fact.

The Jury concluded that Chauvin cut off his airway resulting in his death. However, there was no medical evidence to back that up. The autopsy of the brain concluded there was no evidence of hypoxic ischemia, no neck injury, no significant head injury, no petechial hemorrhaging, no broken hyoid bone, and NO traumatic asphyxia. NO LIFE-THREATENING INJURIES IDENTIFIED, so how did he die because of the knee to the neck? Petechial hemorrhages though not specific for pressure on the neck or asphyxia, are important indicators for such mechanisms. They can be observed in almost all cases of fatal neck compression.

The state’s autopsy report also indicated Floyd’s brain was NOT hypoxic-ischemic, which is a type of brain dysfunction that occurs when the brain does not receive enough oxygen or blood flow for a period. Hypoxic means not enough oxygen; ischemic means not enough blood flow. This means Floyd’s brain did receive normal oxygen and blood flow when PO Chauvin’s knee was on Floyd’s neck!! So, what killed Floyd?

I opine it was the drugs his high blood pressure a heart condition in a combination of his resisting arrest!

Furthermore, the sadistic witch Congresswoman Maxine Waters poisoned the Jury by threatening them that there will be more violence if there is no murder conviction.

Let us not forget that while the Jury was being chosen, the city settled a lawsuit by the Floyd family for 27 million dollars. Thereby admitting fault, this had to affect the Jury’s decision also. This was the most unfair trial that I have ever seen in my 25 years as a Police Officer. This conviction has taken us down the wrong path and set a precedent that it is okay to convict a cop just because something looks terrible and emotionally affects us and to disregard the evidence.

This case is far from over, and I believe that PO Chauvin may get an appeal and that this conviction may be overturned.

The fact that the jury deliberated for only 10 hours tells me they did not carefully weigh all the evidence, and I believe they made their decision before they deliberated. We still have three police officers involved in this case that must be tried. What demands will the rioters have on those cases, and how many more riots do we have to live with!

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