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A New Republican Manifesto

A Republican Manifesto



There were a lot of positives that came out of the recent election, and while the dust still settles on the rest, let’s talk about some of the good news, and what we can do to keep us moving in the right direction. What we need right now is a Republican Manifesto to keep our momentum going.

The most important thing this past election was a great deal of women and minority voters saw through the Left’s “You’re racist and sexist!” ploy and voted for Republicans in some of the highest numbers ever recorded in modern times. With some honest media, those numbers would have been much higher. More on that in a bit.

Despite all the lies of the Democrats, Trump successfully rebranded the Republican party as having the back of the American Worker. He also ushered in a new era of peace – he is the first Republican in modern times not to start or expand a war (the Establishment loves war, read about it here.)

Trump also successfully tapped into the center-right leanings of our fellow countrymen, and brought a lot of people back to the polls, or even to the polls for the first time, to take a stand for the country we all believe in.

So today I want to talk about what we Republicans can do not just over the next four years, but beyond.

I propose A Republican Manifesto.

Four principles, that I believe, if we work together, will help us get an even greater percentage of votes to go our way.

The four principles are:

    1. Deliver a positive message that appeals to all voters, and prove this by delivering policies and positions that always have the backs of the American Worker.
    2. Every one of us, and especially our youth, must become technically savvy in order to help get our message out.
    3. Get people to the polls to vote for every race, no matter how small or local, for every election.
    4. Work on something from the above list every day.

If we can do these four things, together, we can make a difference in the next election and all elections to come.

Here’s where we can start: a lot of our readers are active in their communities. But how many of our readers have asked the school boards where they live this question:

“What are you doing to make sure our kids can learn to write computer code, and what adult education computer programs are you offering for parents and adults in the community?”

Getting schools to address this question alone will make a huge difference in the lives of our kids and communities. The Red States are losing the control of the Internet to Blue State elites. There are so many able people in our communities who can step up and run for office, but they need a tech-savvy team to support their efforts. The people in our community can be that team. This can start with more Republicans getting involved with their local Parent-Teacher Association

Another thing we can do is get voters to the polls. There are a lot offices at the local level that get voted on every year. We need to get Republicans out to every single one of those elections. We have to stay engaged, and above all, realize that voting in blocks, especially very large blocks, makes us visible – and it will encourage like-minded people to run for office if they know they can count on our support.

This is a just a start of what we can do, and next Monday I’ll talk more about the Republican Manifesto and how it can bring about positive change not just for our lives, but for the world, and most important, the generations yet to come.

What are your thoughts? What can YOU do? Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas.

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