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This Might Stop The Impeachment At Judicary Committee, Ritter Blows Hole In Scheme



The Democrat’s attempts to impeach President Donald J. Trump is a politicization of American Intelligence agencies.  Working in Government was always intended to be pursuit in being impartial and serving the people. But that has all changed with the election of Trump.

Now, non-elected career bureaucrats have turned the country on our head to purse their personal dominance in foreign policy.  Foreign policy is something that the US Constitution says is reserved for the office holder of President.

Polls are showing that impeachment is not popular with many Americans, that there is no “popular consent” as we were promised, by Democrat Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA),  would surface,  but that is not stopping the government class from boldly trying to overthrow a duly elected President.

In an article for Consortium News, Scott Ritter makes this case in a well thought out and complex defense of Trump, his actions and further,  for the US Constitution to have enumerated the powers to the President to set Foreign Policy.

Ritter said:

Far from an exemplar in bureaucratic efficiency, the whistleblower complaint has opened a window into the politicization of the intelligence community, and the corresponding weaponization of the national security establishment, against a sitting president.

Ritter Continues:

“The line between policy and politics began to blur, and then disappeared altogether. National Security Advisor Rice was becoming increasingly alarmed by the activities of the Trump transition team, especially when it came to issues pertaining to Russia. According to The Washington Post, “Rice apparently was closely monitoring the high-profile investigation into Russian interference.”

The President-elect had, during the campaign, openly advocated for better relations between the U.S. and Russia and had even suggested that the Russian annexation of Crimea could eventually be accepted by the U.S. This stance was anathema to the policies that had been massaged into place by the NSC in general, and the whistleblower in particular. According to multiple sources familiar with the whistleblower during this time, his animus against Trump was palpable.”

In other words, Trump was doing exactly what the people elected him to do.

Ritter closes with the following:

“Impeachment is a constitutional remedy afforded to the U.S. Congress to deal with the political issues surrounding the conduct of a sitting president. If this constitutional remedy can be triggered by the intelligence community in a manner which obviates laws prohibiting the intrusion of intelligence agencies into the domestic political affairs of the United States, and done so in a manner where the identities of the persons and organizations involved, along with their possible motives, are shielded from both American people and those whom they elect to represent them in Congress, then a precedent will have been set for future interventions of this nature which undermine the very foundation of American democracy.

The political weaponization of intelligence represents a significant threat to the viability of the American constitutional republic that cannot be ignored.”

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A House Judiciary Committee is expected to be held on Wednesday, Dec. 4th.

This story is developing.

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