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Scott Rasmuesen,”All Evidence Says It Will Be A Close Race”, So Find More Voters



Monday on the War Room Impeachment Podcast, Scott Rasmussen,  American political analyst and publisher of a public opinion website talked about his lastest polling topics including the impeachment of President Donald J. Trump, and 2020 elections. 

“Both sides [Democrat and Republican]  are about an 8 on the scale of enthusiasm.  What you are seeing is, because of the impeachment hearings, the Republicans are just as fired up in this campaign cycle.  You would expect the Democrats to be excited about the cycle, but Republicans are just as fired up,” Rasmussen said.

Talking about how impeachment is polling with voters, surprisingly however he said, “2 out of 3 people say the House should be focused on things that matter to people, yet the House believes the opposite is the case so there is frustration,” he said.

“This [Election 2020]  is a mobilization election, we are going to see a close election, with very close races.  All of our evidence says that these races are very close,” said Rasmussen said.

Telling everyone concerned with re-electing Trump were to get busy at work, Rasmussen said, “In 2016 58% of American voters without a college education, which is where President Trump polls very well, didn’t vote.  Reaching them is a key strategy,” he said.

According to exit poll data from 2016:

According to exit polls, 61 percent of non-college-educated white voters cast their ballots for Republicans while just 45 percent of college-educated white voters did so. Meanwhile 53 percent of college-educated white voters cast their votes for Democrats compared with 37 percent of those without a degree.

So for the Populist Movement to be effective in 2020, we need those people to get out to the polls and vote.


Please share with this any friends, family members, co-workers you know who fit this demographic.  We need liberty activists to engage with this group of American voters.  They quite literally have the power to save America.

White- Non-College grads- please step up!  We need you!


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