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Adam Schiff

VIDEO: Adam Schiff Met With Angry Americans At Town Hall, Populist uprising



Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) was attending a townhall style meeting in his district, Saturday, when he was met with angry shouts and jeers as he started to speak about the “nonpartisan” impeachment process.

Schiff, the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, who is at the forefront of the Imecahment hoax against President Donald J. Trump, is allowed to lie on the floor of Congress, because of his privilege under the speech and debate clause in the US Constitution, was lying to his constituents about a “bipartisan effort” to overthrow the 2016 election results, when an angry attendee shouted, “Liar!”, and that started the demonstration, with others rising to their feet and yelling.

This happens at a time when Democrat freshmen up for re-election in 31 fragile districts, who are facing strong opposition from their populist, pro-Trump constituents, are choosing to defect from the Democrat party before the anticipated Wednesday vote in the US House to impeach.


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Heidi Vea, an attendee said,”We got stuck in the middle of a scuffle as my friend Jesse pulled out his Trump flag, some of the attendees kept grabbing the flag from his hands and a tug of war ensued! We were just filming…then they realized we were Trump supporters and the event organizer asked us to leave, so we did, but I couldn’t miss my opportunity to expose Adam’s connections with Liddle Kidz and The Standard Hotel!”

Supporters of Schiff attacked a woman with a Trump flag and pro-Trump attendees are overheard saying they assaulted and punched by Leftists as they exited the meeting space.

In the video, a woman with a heavy foreign accent was attacking Trump supporters, and threatening even the event organizer who had to talk her back, and begs her to not attack him.

Overheard is a man who is protecting his wife, who was punched and pushed.

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