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Clay Clark

REAWAKEN AMERICA: Gen Flynn Press Conference Highlights Importance of Informed Action and Constitutional Values



Las Vegas, Nevada – August 26, 2023

Retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn held a press conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, addressing a diverse audience on the significance of informed citizenship, community involvement, and preserving American values. Flynn spoke at length on various topics and emphasized the importance of critical thinking, informed decision-making, and active participation in shaping the nation’s future.

Flynn began by stressing the significance of seeking information from reliable sources and becoming critical thinkers. He highlighted the necessity of being well-informed before engaging in any action or decision-making process. He encouraged the audience to research and consider facts that hold meaning to them individually, regardless of political affiliations.

Throughout his speech, Flynn emphasized the role of local action in shaping the national landscape. He stated that engagement at the community level, whether through religious institutions, civic organizations, or political groups, has a broader impact on the country. He urged attendees to take responsibility for their actions and avoid apathy, asserting that excuses no longer have a place in the discourse.

Flynn discussed the decline of societal values and the necessity of preserving the nation’s Judeo-Christian principles. He defended his stance against being labeled a “Christian nationalist,” asserting his commitment to patriotism and Americanism, which celebrate the nation’s foundations and the freedom to express individual beliefs.

The conversation shifted to fifth-generation warfare, where Flynn and co-author Boone Cutler delved into psychological operations, information dissemination, and intelligence analysis. Flynn stressed that the digital environment presents a new battleground for influencing minds and shaping public perception. He highlighted their newly released book, “How to Fight AI,” as a tool to empower citizens to understand and navigate this landscape.

Regarding women’s societal roles, Flynn acknowledged their growing leadership in addressing critical issues. He said that women are poised to lead the nation forward, emphasizing the importance of their perspectives in the evolving landscape.

The press conference also touched on the January 6th Capitol events. Flynn addressed the concerns of those imprisoned or facing legal action concerning the events, urging them to remain steadfast and maintain faith.

Flynn concluded by referencing Psalm 23 and urging citizens to turn to faith and strong values in facing the challenges ahead. He highlighted the importance of unity, regardless of political leanings, to safeguard the country’s future.

In a spirited Q&A session, Flynn answered questions about constitutional rights, the 19th Amendment, transgender issues, and more. His speech resonated with attendees from diverse backgrounds and political affiliations, reflecting his intent to inspire active citizenship and critical engagement.

The press conference, marked by Flynn’s unwavering commitment to American ideals and informed action, offered insight into his perspective on the nation’s trajectory and the steps necessary to secure its future.


(~16:25) Citizen Media News asks a question of gen Flynn on the anniversary of the 19th Amendment.

(~6:46) TakeYourPowerBackShow.com‘s Kim Yeater asks a question.


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