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Candice Savino

REAWAKEN AMERICA: Kaysha Richardson & Lauren Cupp: Unveiling Alarming Cases of Alleged Trafficking and Corruption



Las Vegas, NV – (Reawaken America) – In a shocking and deeply troubling expose, Citizens Media News delved into the harrowing experiences of Kaysha Richardson and Lauren Cupp, two women who claim to be victims of human trafficking and systemic corruption within law enforcement agencies. Their heart-wrenching stories reveal a web of alleged deceit, abuse, and cover-ups that span national borders.

Kaysha’s Ordeal: A Fight for Justice Across Borders

Kaysha Richardson, an American Indian born in Canada, described her journey as one that began with a quest for justice. She initiated a podcast called “The Karis Project” to bring attention to her father’s research, which exposed what she believes to be improper contagion mitigation methods that contributed to election interference and bioterrorism in both Canada and the United States. Her father, a mechanical engineer, had meticulously documented these concerns.

However, Kaysha’s pursuit of truth came at a hefty personal cost. After presenting her father’s research to border agents in Montana in 2020, she alleges that she was arrested, her travel documents confiscated, and she was handed over to immigration. She spent seven months in a maximum-security immigration prison. Despite the Canadian government’s assertion that she was an Indian and had no prior criminal record, immigration authorities subjected her to surveillance and tracking while restricting her movements.

A horrifying sequence of events followed, and Kaysha claims she was trafficked, drugged, sexually assaulted, beaten, and held at gunpoint. She asserts that this was an orchestrated effort to suppress her father’s research, which had led to high treason and human trafficking complaints with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in Canada.

Kaysha’s father’s research, which she claims is protected by United States copyright and housed in the Library of Congress, remains at the center of their efforts to bring the truth to light.

Lauren Cupp’s Struggle: Seeking Justice Amidst Alleged Corruption

Lauren Cupp, from Indiana, revealed her traumatic ordeal, where her daughter was molested for six years. When the alleged perpetrator violated a protective order and filmed her child, Lauren found herself ensnared in a nightmarish ordeal.

Despite the police initially recommending no charges against her, a warrant for her arrest was issued, leading to questions about the integrity of the legal system. Lauren further discovered that the protective order lacked proper court documentation and that the alleged perpetrator did not register as a sex offender.

Her relentless pursuit of justice resulted in her facing charges and ultimately being incarcerated for 30 days on a misdemeanor charge while the alleged child molester remained free.

In her pursuit of justice, Lauren uncovered another alleged child sex trafficking ring in Evansville, Indiana, which she began to expose. This led to further persecution by the Department of Child Services (DCS), who took custody of her children.

Both Kaysha and Lauren allege that they have been targeted by individuals within law enforcement agencies who obstructed their quest for justice.

A Deeper Issue: Trafficking and Corruption in the System

Kaysha and Lauren’s stories reveal a disturbing narrative of alleged human trafficking and corruption within the system, which they believe extends to the highest echelons of law enforcement. Their accusations paint a picture of systemic abuse and a disregard for the safety and rights of victims.

They argue that their cases are not isolated incidents but are indicative of a broader problem. Kaysha and Lauren are now determined to expose this alleged corruption and fight for justice for themselves and all victims of similar injustices.

The Fight for Truth and Justice Continues

Kaysha and Lauren have taken a proactive stance in response to their ordeals. They have connected with various tribal communities in the United States and engaged with congressmen to address their concerns. Kaysha’s father has compiled complaint packages for each state in the U.S., enabling victims to file complaints related to crimes exacerbated during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Their podcast, “The Karis Project,” provides a platform for victims to share their stories and seek justice. They emphasize the importance of building connections and shedding light on the alleged corruption and trafficking they believe to be pervasive.

As mainstream media grapple with these allegations, Kaysha and Lauren stand as a testament to resilience, unwavering faith, and a commitment to revealing the truth. Their experiences underscore the urgency of addressing these profoundly troubling issues within the justice system.

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