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REAWAKEN AMERICA: ’ Discussion of Truth’ Interview with Stew Peters Exposes Concerns Over US Government and Calls for Action



Las Vegas, August 26, 2023 – (Reawaken America) – In a recent episode of “Discussion of Truth” hosted by Ian Trottier and Candice Savino, prominent host Stew Peters discussed his background and evolving views on the current state of the United States government. Peters, known for his conservative solid stance, candidly addressed his concerns about what he perceives as a national crisis.

Peters, who gained notoriety as a bounty hunter, shared his journey from law enforcement to becoming a vocal commentator on political and societal issues. After George Floyd’s death, Peters believed outside forces manipulated the subsequent protests and violence. He criticized the media narrative surrounding the incident and accused the government of facilitating a wave of destruction in response.

In the interview, Peters asserted that both major political parties are deeply flawed and argued that the real enemy lies within the current government. He cited examples such as the alleged misuse of power during the COVID-19 pandemic and the influence of foreign interests on elected representatives. Peters challenged the status quo and urged Americans to defend their rights and freedoms more actively.

Peters rejected the idea of trusting political plans and emphasized the need for grassroots action. He urged citizens to hold their elected officials accountable and take a stand against what he sees as government overreach. Peters highlighted his concerns about the erosion of individual liberties and invoked historical figures like William Wallace to underscore the importance of resistance against perceived tyranny.

Throughout the interview, Peters maintained a strong focus on faith and the need to recenter values in the fight for change. He cautioned against complacency and stressed the urgency of acting to protect the future of upcoming generations. His passionate call to action resonated with many listeners who view the increasingly tumultuous political climate.

The “Discussion of Truth” episode, available on Citizen Media News’ website, stirred controversy and sparked conversations about the role of government and citizen involvement in shaping the nation’s trajectory. As Peters continues to advocate for more proactive measures, his message resonates with those who share his concerns about the direction of the country.




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