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Clay Clark

REAWAKEN AMERICA – ‘Discussions of Truth’: Dr. Shannon Kroner Releases Children’s Book Defending Vaccine Choice



Las Vegas, NV – ReAwaken America –

In the midst of a nation grappling with vaccine mandates and COVID-19 restrictions, Dr. Shannon Kroner, an advocate for vaccine choice, has released a children’s book titled “I’m Unvaccinated, and That’s Okay.” The book, aimed at educating young minds about the importance of personal health decisions, has garnered significant attention, selling out its initial run in just two weeks.

The conversation unfolded during a recent “Discussions of Truth” episode with host Ian Trottier. Dr. Kroner, who has been involved in vaccine injury awareness since 2001, discussed her motivation behind the book, the dire implications of vaccine mandates, and the heart-wrenching experiences of vaccine-injured children.

The book, which centers around a young boy navigating a world filled with vaccine pressures and controversies, offers a unique perspective on the issue. The young protagonist is unvaccinated, with his older sibling having suffered vaccine-related injuries. Dr. Kroner takes readers through why the boy’s parents decided not to vaccinate him, including concerns about vaccine ingredients and the absence of liability for vaccine manufacturers.

“I’m Unvaccinated, and That’s Okay” is an illustrative work. Though Dr. Kroner outsourced the artwork to an illustrator, she designed the book’s pages personally. The response to the book has been overwhelming, with its first run of 5,000 copies selling out quickly. Due to the high demand, additional copies were reprinted, and it remains available for those interested in exploring its message.

In her conversation with Trottier, Dr. Kroner also shed light on her experience with vaccine injury. She recounted a harrowing incident during her pregnancy in 2009 when she received a flu shot and subsequently lost 95% of her amniotic fluid. This traumatic event was a turning point that solidified her commitment to vaccine choice.

The book, published by Skyhorse Publishing, an imprint of the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN), has received endorsements from prominent vaccine choice movements, including Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Dell Bigtree, and pediatrician Dr. Paul Thomas.

Dr. Kroner expressed concern about the rise of autoimmune disorders, cancer, and infertility, particularly among young adults who have received the COVID-19 vaccine. She believes that vaccine-related issues will continue to affect future generations and that informed choices about vaccination are critical.

As the debate over vaccine mandates and personal freedoms intensifies, Dr. Shannon Kroner’s book offers a timely and thought-provoking perspective. “I’m Unvaccinated, and That’s Okay” seeks to educate children about the importance of making informed healthcare decisions while acknowledging that there are different viewpoints on vaccination.

The book is now available and aims to contribute to the ongoing dialogue surrounding vaccine choice, ensuring that the voices of those who advocate for individual rights in healthcare are heard, especially in the face of increasing pressure for mandatory vaccination.

In case you are wondering why the youtube link is not working? They violated our reporting, more like censored our reporting because they did not like what Dr Kroner was promoting:

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