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Clay Clark

REAWAKEN AMERICA – ‘Discussions of Truth’: Actress and Activist Mindy Robinson Discusses Political Corruption and the Central Banking System




In an exclusive interview with “Discussions of Truth,” Mindy Robinson, known for her roles in films such as “Bleach” and “Sense of Fear,” delved into the world of politics, government corruption, and the central banking system. Robinson, who has been involved in various political activities, opened up about her experiences and her passionate quest for truth.

Robinson, introduced as a “freedom fighter” and “actress extraordinaire,” began the interview with her perspective on the political landscape, stating, “I’m here because it’s the right thing to do.” She expressed her frustration with the two-party system and criticized the influence of money, blackmail, and power on the Republican and Democratic parties.

The conversation turned to the central banking system, with Robinson emphasizing that the United States doesn’t control its currency. She mentioned the Bank of International Settlements and its regulation of the central banking system. Robinson argued that Americans are born into debt and discussed the consequences of this financial burden on the country’s citizens.

As the discussion continued, Robinson touched on various historical events, such as wars and political cover-ups. She expressed her belief that many wars have been fought on false premises, including the Vietnam War and World War I. Robinson criticized the lack of transparency in government actions and the impact on American lives.

Robinson’s passion for researching and presenting information was evident throughout the interview. She emphasized the importance of fact-checking and encouraged viewers to conduct their research. Robinson also shared insights into her documentary-making process, stating that she meticulously compiles information from various sources, fact-checks claims, and presents her findings with evidence.

Regarding her work and where people can find it, Robinson mentioned her presence on various social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, and Gab. She encouraged people to explore her content and even share it on their platforms, emphasizing her commitment to informing the public.

The interview concluded with a discussion about Robinson’s recent film, “Bleach,” where she played an evil queen. Despite not knowing the film’s release date, Robinson praised her co-star Lorenzo Lamas. She shared a fun connection between one of Discussions of Truth’s producers and a karaoke event they attended.

Mindy Robinson’s interview shed light on her political activism, dedication to exposing corruption, and her role as an actress in the film industry. It highlighted her commitment to providing well-researched information to her audience and encouraging critical thinking.




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