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Clay Clark

REAWAKEN AMERICA: Embracing Health: A Conversation with Liana Werner-Gray & John Richardson Jr.



Las Vegas, NV – (Reawaken America) –

In a world increasingly dominated by mainstream media and pharmaceutical giants, the pursuit of natural health alternatives often takes a back seat. However, a recent discussion in Las Vegas has shed light on a powerful movement challenging this status quo. Ian Trottier of Discussions of Truth had the privilege of hosting Liana Werner-Gray, a beacon of hope in the realm of natural health, and John Richardson Jr., in an eye-opening conversation that explored the tyranny of modern medicine and the transformative power of embracing a natural diet.

Liana Werner-Gray, author of the groundbreaking book “Cancer Food with Food,” shared her remarkable healing journey from a cancerous tumor in her lymphatic system. Her story is a testament to the incredible potential of detoxification and diet as tools for regaining control of one’s health. In a world where the medical industry and pharmaceutical giants reign supreme, Liana’s message is a clarion call to take back one’s health using the gifts of nature.

The discussion delved into the importance of understanding that the medical industry, pharmaceuticals, and hospitals are among the world’s largest industries, driven by the need to keep patients within the system. Influenced by her upbringing in Outback Australia, Liana’s life journey taught her the vital lesson that healing can be achieved by consuming natural foods readily available in one’s backyard.

In a lighthearted moment, Ian Trottier humorously inquired if Liana had ever been “punched by a kangaroo,” to which she replied with tales of her encounters with these iconic Australian creatures. Her formative years, spent in an Aboriginal school, instilled in her the belief that everything can be healed through nature’s bounty.

Liana’s health journey took a critical turn when she was diagnosed with a 3.7-centimeter tumor in her lymphatic system, a wake-up call that she attributes to her addiction to junk food, particularly gummies and other processed snacks. Her transition to health involved embracing detoxification and a natural diet, consuming copious amounts of fresh juices and colonics to restore her nutrition balance.

The conversation also touched upon the role of apricot seeds, a topic that John Richardson Jr. is passionate about. He emphasized their potential to prevent and treat cancer, citing their presence in many foods discussed in Liana’s book. John’s family history and mission underscored the importance of these seeds in the fight against cancer.

In her book and the conversation, Liana stressed that food is medicine and that adopting a diet rich in natural, unprocessed foods can bring transformative health benefits. Her recipes for muffins, cheesecake, pancakes, chocolate ice cream, burgers, and fries—all made with health-promoting ingredients—demonstrate that eating clean doesn’t mean sacrificing taste.

The interview also emphasized the importance of avoiding sugar and processed foods and highlighted the need for moderation in all dietary choices. The message was clear: adopting a natural diet can lead to a complete shift in cravings, replacing unhealthy choices with a desire for nourishing, whole foods.

As the discussion came to a close, Ian Trottier provided a valuable resource for those seeking to explore Liana’s teachings further. The RNC Store ( offers access to Liana’s book and supports her mission to spread the message of natural health.

In a world filled with uncertainty about health and wellness, Liana Werner-Gray’s journey and her powerful message serve as a beacon of hope, demonstrating that embracing natural health can transform lives. As individuals seek alternatives to mainstream medicine, Liana’s story and the insights shared in this conversation offer a path to empowerment and vitality.

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