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Candice Savino

REAWAKEN AMERICA: ‘Discussions of Truth’ Candice Savino Shares Her Faith & Passion for America w/guest Ivan Raiklin



Las Vegas – Reawaken America – Candice Savino Shares Her Faith and Passion for America at Event In a recent event featuring passionate conservatives, Candice Savino took center stage to share her inspiring journey from a troubled past to a life renewed through faith and a profound love for America. This event, filled with like-minded individuals, echoed the sentiments of a church gathering where faith and patriotism intertwined seamlessly.

Candice Savino, cohost of “Discussions of Truth” on Citizen Media News, captivated the audience as she opened up about her unwavering faith in God and Jesus. Her journey began in a tumultuous environment, growing up in a broken home and facing numerous challenges, including her father’s incarceration. But it was during her darkest moments, incarcerated in a jail cell, Candice heard God’s voice reassuring her worthiness.

This encounter transformed her life, leading her to dedicate herself to Jesus Christ and prioritize Him.

Through God’s grace, Candice mended her relationships, established her own cleaning business, and is now on the verge of purchasing her first home with her husband. Candice’s faith seamlessly intertwines with her love for America. She views herself as both a patriot and a faithful believer.

She emphasizes the significance of the freedoms Americans enjoy, freedoms she once lost, and highlights how they are sometimes taken for granted. Candice also delves into biblical interpretations regarding the New World Order and the fall of Babylon, drawing parallels to the current state of the United States. She expresses her belief that, as faithful Christians, they will be “raptured” before the tribulations, emphasizing the importance of accepting Jesus’ sacrifice for salvation.

Candice stresses the need for active involvement when asked about improving the country. She encourages citizens to stay informed about school curricula, engage with local senators, and foster connections with like-minded individuals. She believes collective action is more powerful and everything starts at home. Candice also addresses the critical issue of child exploitation and human trafficking.

She urges continuous awareness and support for organizations like Child Lives Matter Foundation AZ, advocating for the vulnerable children affected by these issues. The event, which coincided with the anniversary of the 19th Amendment’s ratification and the freeing of the 13th Amendment, offered a unique atmosphere of unity and purpose. Attendees, like Candice, shared the conviction that faith, morals, and patriotism are inextricably linked, forming the foundation of a strong and united America. As the event concluded,

Candice Savino encouraged others to join the cause and remain vigilant in defending their values and principles.

Her message resonated deeply, underscoring the importance of faith, unity, and unwavering commitment to the nation.



@CandiceSavino Daughter of the most high God. Mother, wife and patriot. I love God my family and my country in that order.

@IvanRaiklin: “Retired” Green Beret x Lawyer = Deep State Marauder | America’s Lawffensive Coordinator

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