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Amfest 2023

INDIVISIBLE WITH JOHN STUBBINS: Border Security Concerns Escalate: Expert Insights from Jaeson Jones & Shawn Wilson at Amfest



Phoenix, AZ – In a special on-location episode of “Indivisible with John Stubbins,” host Roger Farina delved into the complex realities at the U.S.-Mexico border with guest Jason Jones, an expert on border issues. The conversation, held at Amfest in Phoenix, focused on the alarming situation in Lukeville and shed light on the cartel-driven crisis unfolding at the southwest border.

Farina and Jones, positioned just three hours from Lukeville, discussed the relentless influx of migrants, emphasizing that the Sinaloa cartel strategically pushes them to one of the most remote locations on the southwest border. Jones asserted that this tactic allows the cartel to move high-value individuals potentially linked to terrorism and deadly fentanyl into the United States.

Highlighting the gravity of the situation, Jones emphasized that Arizona has become Ground Zero for fentanyl pouring into the country, directly impacting Americans. He underscored that media narratives often overlook the fact that the large groups of migrants crossing are orchestrated by the cartels, raising questions about the motivations behind crossing in such challenging terrains.

The conversation extended to the experiences of individuals making the treacherous journey, with Jones revealing the disturbing reports of sexual assaults on women and children. Jones explained that the formation of large caravans serves as a safety mechanism against the brutal cartels, aiming to prevent individuals from being victimized.

Farina, a retired military member, shared his firsthand observations from the border, expressing concern about President Biden’s assertion that the borders are secure. The duo emphasized the humanitarian crisis created by policies that, according to Jones, endanger lives and force people to escape perilous situations.

Jones, an advocate for designating cartels as foreign terrorist organizations, connected the dots between illegal migration, transnational crime, and the impact on American communities. He warned of a looming convergence where the consequences of overdose deaths in the north and human smuggling in the south collide, presenting a multifaceted challenge.

As the conversation unfolded, Jones predicted a continued increase in numbers and overdose deaths under the current administration, urging action against the cartels to mitigate the impact on American families. The episode concluded with a call to support Border 911’s efforts to address the crisis and educate citizens and policymakers.

In the second part of the riveting interview at Amfest in Phoenix, Roger Farina of Citizen Media News hosted Shawn Wilson, founder of MSG Risk Management Intelligence, shedding light on the escalating crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border. The conversation provided a firsthand account of the challenges faced by law enforcement and highlighted the urgent need for action.

Wilson, whose company specializes in corporate security and intelligence, shared his experiences from the border, echoing sentiments expressed by experts like Jason Jones and Victor Avila. According to Wilson, the consensus is that the border is the most significant national security risk to the United States.

The discussion pivoted around the alarming situation in Lukeville, identified as Ground Zero in recent news. Wilson painted a grim picture, stating that the country might completely lose control of the border without immediate intervention within the next ten months. He criticized the current state of Border Patrol, asserting that it has become a mere “babysitting service,” struggling to manage the overwhelming influx of migrants.

Wilson emphasized that the sheer volume of migrants entering the country is overwhelming resources, hindering the detection of drug trafficking and accurate counting of individuals. He suggested that the documented numbers could be just a fraction of the actual figures, estimating that for every million documented, there might be an additional three million migrants entering the United States.

During his recent trip to Lukeville, Wilson recounted troubling scenes of cartel members cutting fences in front of law enforcement, brandishing weapons, and mistreating migrants. The cartel’s blatant disregard for law enforcement and the safety of those crossing the border showcased the dire state of affairs.

As concerns about border security continue to mount, experts like Shawn Wilson contribute valuable insights that underscore the need for urgent and comprehensive action. The interview concluded with gratitude from Roger Farina to Shawn Wilson, highlighting the importance of bringing attention to these critical issues.