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1st Amendment

Violated by Youtube once again.



My inane ramblings for the appeal:
Explain to me why this was rejected?


Yes, we know you hate President Trump, but that still doesn’t change that people have different opinions than youtube.

These are genuine reactions from people who just heard President Trump speak. Your day is coming to keep you from censoring the good people. WE ARE A MEDIA site. A journalistic site. We are reporting on events whether you like it or not; you are violating our first amendment rights. Did I say you suck? Well, you suck. Did you not see this ruling: https://nypost.com/…/a-federal-ruling-means-a-supreme…/ It is time to knock it off and let the people speak freely without being under your tyrannical stronghold.

AND AND AND… I pay money to advertise, and you turn around and demonetize my ability to make revenue.

How do you treat a customer like that? Oh, I know because YOU SUCK. Knock It off and remove all violations now. Your day in the supreme court is coming.BULLY. I am just the little guy, and you are nothing but a big bully, and YOU SUCK. STOP CENSORING US!!!!!!

Then, National File sends me this notification:


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